A great post putting words to the idea that many have been thinking.The Internet is awash with images of Hitler parodies of Obama and Nazi references .
We can see that through operations such as paperclip, the West built its success off the backs of many war criminals. Then conveniently forgetting and forgiving them of their crimes went on to prosper.

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  1. That is a good article Cheese thanks. The irony of this is not lost, Apollo would not have been a success without dear Werner. The German race has always been that one step ahead in technological savvy.
    The fact that so many, from the delightful Mitford gals to the ex King adored Hitler, and that includes many Americans of the time, speaks volumes. A rather comical monster, portrayed by Chaplin so well in The Great Dictator. What is the power he still exercises over millions?

    I suppose the human fascination for evil, its proponents, its ritual and dark dealings, well, they will always ensure adoration. I am amazed at the power of Kabala to attract, its roots belong in blood sacrifice. An infusion, rather like new ageism, of beliefs.
    What can sway people away from the attractions of such as these? We must allow freedom to follow whatever, where do we say enough? At what point is the line crossed?

    I read somewhere that zionists had created Hitler, to suit a greater cause. Do I believe this, well, they loaned his horror show money at all stages. Germany just finished paying his bill. Whatever the truth, I do see that national socialism fought international socialism and lost. It was painted as the free world versus the Axis. That could not be further from the truth. Not the ultimate sacrifice paid by millions, many were heroic, many just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I spend sunday, mostly, surrounded by family. I do however, always make time for personal reflection. My faith demands that I examine, reaffirm and reflect on my wrongs. On my struggle not to take the easy route.
    I conclude today, that evil, in all its forms, is the easy route. Taken by the weak willed amongst us. That greed and envy account for much of wrongdoing in our world. Men like Hitler act as magnets to insecure people. Strength to oppose this appeal can only come from within. From resistance, from knowing your own mind. From saying no.

    That is, to me, a sign of goodness. A price well worth paying to resist Leviathan and its siren song.

    • Yet again Cromwell I am in awe of your writing.
      Strength of will is such an important thing to have, thankfully like you I also have been tested in my life and found that I have that strength.
      This sense of personal strength and self-worth along with the understanding that ones actions always carry repercussions for others is what I feel is missing in many today.
      They search for something to give them purpose and easily latch on to what they perceive and are told is popular and the right thing to do.
      People need to learn that they are worth more than the net value of their belongings and bank accounts,that their thoughts and ideas matter even if other do not agree and that real value lies with our family and friends.

      • Thank you dear Cheese, you are too kind. I think you hit the nail firmly on the head. The understanding of the effect of your personal actions on others. Yes it is missing in many, dare I venture most? lol!
        When, a long time ago, choices were limited,men spent their time in ensuring survival. Enjoyments were simple,few strayed far from their place of birth. Life frankly was simpler.

        Now, measure that with my favourite quote to my dear offspring, “consumercrappism”. They mocked me once, some still do behind my back. However, as they get older I sense change. As you so rightly say, real value lies in family and true friends.

        My dear grand father was a rare man, as was my dad. Both gave me an intrinsic sense of self worth. An ability, nay duty, to question all. That, I hope you as well, is what I ask others to do. Free thinking is freedom. Free thinking with responsible acting, well, that is a grand place to find yourself 🙂

    • Oh and while I remember, we have a post in development, we are thinking of an article on the water crisis.
      Would you be interested in guest writing an article on this topic or do you have your own idea?
      many thanks for all your excellent comments and hope we can do more together.

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