Turkey invokes article 4 of Nato – War with Syria?

June 25 Update

This situation is the one to watch, a great way to circumnavigate UN direct action.Turkey goes to war with Syria, UN/US go in as they would be protecting allies, what would China and Russia have to say or do about this?

updates on an unfolding story.

Newly-supplied Russian Buk-M2 anti-air missile used to down Turkish warplane

Gulf of Tonkin Redux? Obama may get the war he wants.

Pretext to Wage War on Syria. Turkey & the Gulf of Tonkin Redux? Sat Jun 23 2012 21:38

Syrian Intervention Matter Of When And Not If

HERE WE GO!!!!!!

Jet Escalation: ‘Turkey probing Syrian anti-air defense’ Russia Today

Turkey Deploys Anti-Aircraft Guns at Border

Turkish military convoys head for Syrian border: media


Russian Military holding 1K drills btwn 06 &10/2012 while Russian Navy does drills at Pearl Harbor

Syria regrets shooting Turkish jet.

12 thoughts on “Turkey invokes article 4 of Nato – War with Syria?

  1. Turkey, mmm! They have admitted the aircraft,which I believe was an F4 “may” have strayed into Syrian airspace. Were a crew sacrificed to test Syrian resolve?
    Turkey invoking Nato’s agreement bypassing the UN, a good way to try. However, I feel feet need to remain on the floor. A Greek F16 was shot down last year by Turkey. The pilot was Israeli. Italy recently exercised with Israel, as did the Poles. All on Israeli soil.
    Fact is we cannot rule out human error. However, it shows Nato what it will be up against.

    • As this story unfolds it looks like it was error.
      The timing couldn’t have been much worse the paranoia in Syria must be at fever pitch a jet straying into their space must have had them rattled.

      • I am inclined to agree, the F4 is nearly as old as me. It has limited ECM. However, it shows Syrian air defences work.
        Sad incidents like this trigger irrational responses at times. Let us hope common sense prevails.

    • I agree we should not be interfering.
      There are those that say the CIA started all this, maybe true.

      I see these politicians gambling with our futures,Russia and China will not sit this one out.

      • Thank you Cheese. That was the first time I had heard that. An oft forgotten fact is that Syrian and Egyptian forces partook in 1991 during Desert Storm.
        I find Wesley Clark and many other high ranking retired officers fascinating. There lies within them a hope, a hope that a nations armed services will not stand idly by whilst The Constitution is binned.
        I suppose you know where this thread is going, I hinted awhile ago that around 13% of serving members are Oathkeepers. That, along with the 3 million who have recently served in conflict, and perchance happen to be armed, is a large number. Given Ron Pauls support from serving NCO’s and you have a beginning.

        Once a people can accept, on whatever level they think at and function, that another country is going to take over their role, well the pain becomes easier. My, and quite a few other folks observations over the years, well they point at one obvious solution. That solution returns us to the very issues fought over in The War of Northern Aggression. As a believer in directed history, it is easy to join the dots. Lincoln paid the price for printing his yankee dollar, not borrowing at 20% interest like The South.

        The removal of zionist and corporate influence is a pre requisite for any free nations future. The tentacles reach out via The City, Wall Street and Tel Aviv. They stretch back to Longshanks, aided by the Vatican and many colluders of varying origins.
        Now, I am a self taught man. I love my books, I have travelled, fought and observed. My gut rules my actions, my faith acts as a strict control on my propensity to excess. However, one thing I know with certainty. Ordinary people the world over thrive if left unmolested. Freedom flourishes when militias are raised in time of threat or change. Switzerland is one example, Iceland recently showed the way with banksters.
        When, as in periods US history, none interference is a stated foreign policy, a nation can thrive. Economically and culturally.

        Maybe the adolescent will soon realise that tantrums do not work. That the fellows who survived Genghis and his hordes have been around a very long time. That very fact speaks volumes.

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