Land of Hope and Glory? Documentary about corruption in Great Britain

Another great video.
Interesting Friday night viewing.

Hidden Agendas

Published on May 20, 2012 by 2010wolvesman… follow on facebook wolvoman80 on Land of Hope and Glory? Documentary by wolvoman80 about corruption in Great Britain COMING TO DVD SOON! looking at David Cameron, Nick Clegg, the media, Tesco, Walmart, primark, human rights, child labour, price fixing, slavery, The Sun Newspaper/news corp = government propaganda, the royals, BBC, Freemasons, McDonalds=Obesity, Olympics=rip off, OBEY, Illuminati, new world order, British pop music=shit, riots, war, middle east, iraq, libya, press tv, info wars, youtube, google spy, internet censorship, Bank of England, Nationwide Building Society and banks rip off the poor with bank charges, grand theft auto, Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Alexandra Burke Simon Cowell, Britains Got Talent, X Factor, Jeremy Clarkson, Tony Benn, JFK famous speech, Ed Miliband, Secret Societies,Secret Police,Secret Oaths, and Secret meetings! Prince William, Kate MIddleton, Princess Diana, Dodi, Al…

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15 thoughts on “Land of Hope and Glory? Documentary about corruption in Great Britain

      • I am rather ashamed of my country at times. Then my grievances go back a thousand years. My race still have unfinished business with the Normans. 🙂

    • Have you watched it?
      I found myself in a strange place,,,i agreed with the government!!!
      Work experience is a good idea, it installs a work ethic.
      They screwed up using a guy who was obviously not English by birth and had a poor grasp of the language but insisted as he had a degree in electronics he should not do training.
      Okay I have a degree in agriculture but I feel I should be given a shot at managing Tesco because I have studied. 😉
      This video set out to achieve one view and actually convinced me of the other, I see lack of responsibility as a major problem, that irresponsibility is a cancer that is eating away at British society, it infects all from the lowest to highest in society.
      I would like to hear your views Cromwell.

      • Well you asked, I will be concise. The Normans. Saxon England was a flourishing place. The Normans invaded, carried out a genocide, created an elite class and rewrote everything. 41% of English land is still owned by these families. Along with Rome, damned royals and “nobles”, well centuries of war, famine and plague.
        The creation of central banking funded a pirate “Royal Navy”. Empire Roman style, rule the seas and perform wonderful acts such as enslaving half the known world. Hold China to ransom via opium supply ( who said war on drugs was a new thing lol! )
        The royals are inbred, when the French revolted and performed their cleansing, well the English establishment was scared. What followed was a bigger oppression. Anything and everything to keep the folk in place. Industrialisation, emigration and always, always in the background mercantilism. Arguably The City, since Thomas Cromwell’s day, with the secret handshake brigade, the zionist element always hovering too, well it all meshes together.
        Then, well the first war, then the second. I feel national socialism was at war with international socialism here. Marx had sown his evil seeds. The elites saw this as an ideal instrument to direct history. Do not forget the royals are German, most of the Norman aristocracy supported Hitler. Behind all of this, zionism and certain families. Lending money to all and sundry to wage war. One aim, they got it, but rather than live in peace it continues.
        Now when I look at England, well I see a controlled race. A remarkable, tolerant and friendly people who welcome all. Who frankly deserve better. Socialism has kicked the fight out of us, centuries of war, oppression by a ruling class, mass brainwashing to believe that “elites” are there for everyones good.
        The 1640s produced freedom of sorts, The Commonwealth of England was betrayed by selfish, greedy men. It moved, or at least the ideals did, to Virginia and The Carolinas. Thats where I still see hope. Thats where I believe the final stand will take place. You see in the US what happened in Britain. Slowly the cancer creeps. The People forget the sacrifice of The Founders. They believe Lincoln was great, they see The South as responsible for a needless war.
        Well dear Cheese, thats a potted version of my “talks”. I travel to speak, hopefully awaken a few as you do. As I get older, well I find comfort in my faith. I have surrounded myself with similar folk. Aye, English preppers who farm, homeschool and keep away from Leviathan as much as possible.

        The End? No, revolution will follow, soon I hope. The internet is a grand thing. The warriors fight in new ways, not mine, but they are fighting. That makes an old man happy.

      • Cromwell truly excellent, your philosophy is spot on but when I asked for you to comment it was regarding the video and the evils of Tesco LOL.
        I guess I got lucky as will many others who will read your comment.A grand view of the bigger picture and how history has brought us to a critical junction, it is our choice to stand up and protect our freedoms or Kowtow to the neo-cons.
        I hope and have faith in mankind that the path of freedom will be chosen.

  1. Mea culpa dear Cheese for rambling! Ah yes, Tesco. Well, I farm on a micro scale compared to my neighbours. These are true agri business folk with, in some cases, thousands of acres. The buyers of vegetables number from the big four supermarkets here. Tesco being the largest. The Tesco buyers are evil. Price fixing and binding farmers into contracts that are frankly medieval.
    An example if I may. “First crop at no cost ( this is usually a “sample”! ) Next crop at a fixed price to be adjusted if market conditions dictate. Now that means down, never up. The profit margin for a farmer, without EU subsidy, is truly minimal. I have seen entire crops ploughed in for mainly not meeting Tesco buyers spec.
    The farmer bears the loss.
    Now given a free market, any crop not meeting buyers spec could be sold to another. Oh no, the contract forbids. Result, waste and monetary loss.
    Many only grow sugar beet, wheat and malting barley. They then sell direct to an agent, some with excellent financial reward but dependant on world spot price. Forward selling allows some comfort to fluctuation.

    Tesco’s buy land. Usually speculating that planning consent will be given. This is through agents of course for “business confidentiality”. They construct massive stores killing town centres. Planning permission is always obtained. Some towns refuse, then see their small budgets destroyed in court hearings. Tesco bulldoze their way into every aspect of the community. Tesco’s methods are underhand and vile. When facing an adversary, usually another retailer, they will fight dirty.
    Sound familiar? They try and buy support with promises of money for community facilities, the reality is they have killed small business and in turn, many small communities are dead or dying. I am presently witnessing this with our nearest town ten miles away. Tesco are building a superstore on 30 acres of land. Luckily our local council allowed rival Sainsbury to build opposite guaranteeing competition. However, we are watching the slow death of a medieval town as small business struggles.

    So, Tesco. Those wonderful people who offer banking, insurance, online grocery shopping, in fact a cradle to grave existence for the modern lard arse lifestyle. Who ignore public opinion, lobby, bully and seem to win every time.
    Now one can point the finger of corrupt behaviour, you can find yourself facing corporate wrath and lawyers, so I will not 🙂
    However, I have not even hinted at their dealings with imports, their overseas buyers. The ones who’s ethics are questionable. The ones who pin entire African economies into serfdom. Their purchase of large tracts of the best Kenyan farmland.

    Tesco = Evil.

    • what more can I say WOW!
      maybe now would be a good time to ask you…….would you be interested in doing a spot of guest writing?
      We would cartoon a story of your choice and publish with full credit given to you.Its a new idea we are trying to cultivate before we purchase the domain and get fully out there on the web.

      • That is a most generous offer dear Cheese. I would be more than happy to oblige. I am frankly humbled by the thought that my ramblings are of interest.
        Please just ask when you require anything.

      • That is great news.
        If there is a topic you would like to write about let me know as I will need a day or two for the art work or we can complete the art first and have you write for that cartoon, which would you prefer?.
        My email is available through this site so if you would like to correspond that way it would be easier for sending docs etc.
        We are proud to have you as our first guest writer your insight and skillful writing always impresses us.

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