Mubarak, the situation in Pakistan, Israels border security we are seeing more destabilization in the region.
Whats next UN/US troops needed to keep order?

CNN Press Room

CNN is in simulcast live coverage now about the news of Hosni Mubarak.  Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer) anchors Situation Room, Hala Gorani (@halagorani) is live from the State Department and Ivan Watson (@ivancnn) is live from Tahrir Square in Egypt.

Framegrabs of CNN coverage:
















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  1. Indeed Cheese. With Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus the world is the playground of Nato. If ever you have a spare five minutes, well take out a good old fashioned atlas. Take a look at British and French, some Dutch and a few Spanish colonies, some locations ideal for holidays. Mainly though, ideal for strategic worldwide deployment. I often pondered, as did many of my peers, at the pure luck of having hung on to various lumps of strategic rock ( with airfields! ) around the Atlantic. Wonderful locations from which to kick Johny Foreigners backside if he gets too uppity.
    Empire dead? Never, not whilst central banks call the shots.

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