Who are these Koch’s ?

Political activities of the Koch family

Over the past few years, Charles and David Koch have commanded  much attention, they have been held up as the example of how corporate forces have corrupted the democratic process in America. A provocative  film, “Koch Brothers Exposed,” seeks to uncover how the Koch brothers have manipulated the political narrative for personal and ideological gain.

The film, directed by Robert Greenwald, who notably uncovered unethical labor practices at Wal-Mart in his documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Wages.”

Walmart – The High Cost of Low Prices

The Kochs are using their money, their power and the inequalities of our system for personal gain,and the size and scale that they’re doing it at is fairly impressive.” Greenwald said.

Koch Industries have countered the disputed with the claims on their website KochFacts.com, calling the film “intellectually dishonest” and a “propaganda video.”

Koch Brothers Exposed: the Film

Now these oligarchs have been battling with Obama. America’s richest brothers have rarely been out of the headlines odd for a pair that value secrecy.

For the left, they represent all that’s wrong with both big oil — like Koch Industries, America’s second largest private company — and with secretive outside spending groups of the kind the Kochs are said to back to further their agenda.

Are the Koch’s libertarian?

Obama has made no secret of his antipathy towards the Kochs. In a 2010 speech, he made a thinly veiled reference to the right-wing duo, describing the nonprofit David Koch founded, Americans for Prosperity, as part of “a corporate takeover of our democracy.”(The pot calling the kettle black)

Election time is here. And while there’s still no way of knowing whether Charles and David Koch are bankrolling Americans for Prosperity, Team Obama assumes as much, calling AFP the Kochs’ “front group” (while David is its founder and chairs the separate AFP Foundation, there is no official link).

There never is much transparency and official links when it comes to the shady goings on of people with this much money and power.

Obama’s history of going back-and-forth with the AFP in the past is not affecting this fight, it seems to be escalating as the election nears.

Stephanie Cutter set out to debunk an AFP ad on Obama’s clean energy spending. Looking more irritated by the minute, she says of the Kochs: “We’re going to call their BS when we see it.” She implores the public to spread the word via social networks to help with the effort.

Stephanie Cutter Get the facts on Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch Brothers

Cutter and the President’s campaign team have good reason to ramp up their anti-Koch rhetoric. AFP has already spent over $12 million on ads attacking Obama’s energy policy alone: $6.1 million on showing last week’s ad in swing states, and $6.5 million earlier this year on ads playing up the Solyndra scandal. To put that expenditure into perspective, the Democratic National Committee has spent exactly half of that $12.6 million so far on ads.


Charles and David Koch’s multimillion-dollar war chest will be pouring cash into anti-Obama campaign. They’re reportedly planning to spend $88 million this election cycle, and they’re excellent fundraisers. That, coupled with a projected $240 million spend by Karl Rove’s American Crossroads Super PAC, should give Obama plenty of cause for concern.

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  1. Love the article. You never once injected personal bias. You stuck to the facts and made your case. Well done.

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