what we have all feared could be here.

Economic Collapse & Capital Controls Assured !


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Euro Has Collapsed!


June 14, 2012

It is with trepidation that I write to you….The Euro has collapsed unofficially. The money is OUT of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium and the German Elites have begun to shore up their wealth in hard assets and precious metals. RBS has given orders to close two of their major equities sectors, thousands of jobs are going to be lost the next few days/weeks. Credit Sussie has called on top investors to head to Swiss safe harbor and hard asset diversified portfolios.

The Capital Controls are in place to keep the charade of control going for the next four to six months before the official collapse. Steve…this is it. The Euro has collapsed and no one has noticed it. Greek bank runs are close to $3.5 Billion Euros per day not the $1 Billion that is being…

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  1. It is hard to get unbiased and accurate information about this. However a small hint of what is to come. The British have a wartime Act of Parliament, “The Trading With The Enemy Act”. Self explanatory, it was kept on statute for reasons unknown to we the plebs. Last week the legislation was tinkered with, it slipped unnoticed through The Commons. As far as I understood what I read, it will make trading with certain futures and bonds impossible for British institutions and individuals.
    Osbourne said a month ago “we will do all that is necessary to protect Britain and The Pound”.

    Indeed we face uncharted waters.

  2. It was not online dear Cheese. a friend pointed it out from notes he had made from the public gallery. It will probably show up in Hansard eventually.

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