Why They Killed Gaddafi “A Story You Must Read”

These stories did the rounds when he was first killed but were killed by msm.
oil oil oil is the reason they wanted Libya just like Iraq and now Syria.
The lie “In the name of democracy” will go down in history as the battle cry of ww3.


Warning: Annoying People May Try to Awaken You


From ‘Before its News‘ by Abdulkarim Jimale (Editor).

This topic has been published here before but it is such a good story with absolute meaning and relevance today that it deserves to be kept alive and open to the public eye and consciousness.

As mentioned in the article, compare Gaddafi’s achievements with those of the US leaders, any of them. Crazy, is it not? And we still support the American way, crazy, is it not?

How is it possible that the US is able to destroy a civilized country (not perfect, but oodles more civilized than the US), destroying itself in the process, in the name of what they call humanity, and maintain the support of their public?

To wit, match Muammar Gaddafi’s record up against that of your favorite candidate:

• Gaddafi nationalized his nation’s oil reserves and used the revenue to build schools, universities, hospitals…

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7 thoughts on “Why They Killed Gaddafi “A Story You Must Read”

  1. Agreed Cheese. He was useful to them when it suited. What did for him was his talk of a pan African currency based on gold. It is also of course a strategic move. After all we cannot allow these arab chaps to make the right decisions. And of course he possessed WMDs. You know the ones, the same sort as Saddam, that are now in the hands of Hamas pointing at that little country we shall not name.

    ps Give you a clue, the one that has not got any nuclear weapons on German submarines 🙂

    • The speed of which things are moving now, amazes me. what do you think is the likelihood of a conflict that will expand and include Russia and China happening soon?
      I have a very uneasy feeling that in a few months we could see the first shots fired.

      • Tradoc and Sandhurst have “gamed” these scenarios for a few years already. Including an interesting one last year that had Turkey attacking Israel ( Israel lost )
        Yes it now suits many neo cons. It suits Likud. It also on many levels demands a response from Russia and China. Russia warned Nato over Georgia, Nato backed down there.
        Russians historically admire strength. With China they have a great influence, and frankly who can blame either country? Oil prices are being suppressed, this harms Russia. China depends on threatened Iranian oil. The alliance is strong militarily, it controls massive geographical area. Both Russia and China have been pushed into responding.
        I have said elsewhere I think Europe will stay out of this, it is too dependant on Russian gas to rock the boat, has very little influence in the Pacrim.
        Japan and Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia, well they get sucked in by their location and the fact there are US forces based in these locations.
        I pray it turns into a kind of stand off, although the South China sea is an obvious flashpoint.

      • Thanks Cromwell.As always a knowledgeable and helpful response.I agree I think Asia will be the flash point, there has been much going on in the region with a build up of US arms in Thailand, Philippines and Australia.
        It would also see a region that is growing in influence economically and thus politically in conflict thereby pushing its growth back and helping the West stay on top a little longer.

      • Thank you Cheese. My, my, have we not pushed the wrong button here? Of course they had to respond. Frankly, I am glad they have. It gives clear signals to Nato, The UN and Likud. Egypt is not panning out as they wanted, a country with good historical relations with Russia from Nasser’s time.
        I read somewhere, I think The Daily Bell, that the “old men”, the ones who are putting the NWO on fast track, well, they are panicking. Their plans are not working. That damned inconvenient internet is responsible, that and total disbelief in MSM propaganda.
        Why do I have an image of Rumsfeld in my head at this present time? A neo cons wet dream coming true 🙂

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