Real Suspects of 9/11

This amazing documentary shows the links with a variety of figures actually and/or suspiciously involved in the 911 disaster. Many of these facts have never made it to the MSM and probably never will.

Micro-Nukes Brought Down the World Trade Towers

911 In Plane Site – ALL MEDIA LIED ON 9/11!

9/11, Mossad, and the Deception

By Yahweh’s Hand: Pompeii, The Twin Towers and The Fall of the United States

911 Conspiracy

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: Drones were what really hit the WTC towers and the Pentagon on 9/11

Virtual Reality and 911 World Trade Center.

← Newborns found to be without souls 9-11 Conspiracy in under 5 minutes

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: 9/11 Controlled Demolition

The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account of 911 Cannot Be True

Firefighters For 9/11 Truth

9/11- The Great Illusion. End Game Of The Illuminati.George Humphrey

9/11- The Great Illusion. End Game Of The Illuminati.George Humphrey

9.11 Truthers?

20 thoughts on “Real Suspects of 9/11

  1. Reblogged this on PalomaGenios and commented:
    Could So Much Coincidence , Linking So Many People, Linking So Many Companies ,Occur On A Single Day ? Are We The Observers , The Pawns Even, Of A Diabolical Supra-Global Chess Game Being Orchestrated To Clear The Opponents Of An Unseen ChessMaster Off The Board !?

    • As the French Proverb says “You cannot play at chess if you are kind-hearted.”

      When you start to see the patterns and the plan comes into view it is both scary and liberating.

    • Yes, we will never know the truth of the diabolical plan that killed some many. But for sure the Lord God above knows and they will all have to answer for all the lives, and destruction of that day. Those buildings were brought down from charges set in the sub flooring. Yes it could have all been orchestrated by evil men wanting to get richer for cleaning it all up and now reconstructing it. Don’t mind all the people that lost their lives and look all the families that lost their main providers that day.

      • Many that day that would not play their litte game, or they wanted to get rid of to cover it up died in the building that day, others were warned.

  2. I am sorry to mention that you were marked as spam by WP.Really sorry.I had to dig in my comments to unmark you.I guess the reason is obvious: whoever goes against the flow is spamming.LOL not true!
    Your posts are great.

    Kindest regards

  3. This, amongst all the other crimes against mankind, will go down as the most notorious.
    I pray the perpetrators will rot in hell.

      • Aye that would be just. However, as we are seeing with fraud and other crimes, it is the middle ranking underlings who take the consequences. The real rats scurry off to new burrows. It is these that we should be after.
        We should always study the French Revolution and the Terror as a warning, which is why I place no trust in the damnable UN. A creation of evil to cover some of the greatest crimes ever committed.

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  5. Like the layers of an onion, each peel raises more questions. This will never be answered fully, too many are complicit. With time, people die, their secrets die with them. Funnily, as per the usual script, many who have spoken have died already.

    When you look for culprits, well the smoke and mirrors shield them well. We see occasional glimpses of truth. Like Hitlers world, its corporate backers cover their tracks well. Given their present rush to instigate their master plan, well, they will make mistakes. They already have.

    When an administration covers up its own enquiries findings, well, that raises question after question.

    I wish all who seek to uncover truth well, for without them, their efforts, mankind would be in true darkness.

    • Their biggest plan has become their biggest problem.Today thanks in large to the internet we see people discussing these alternative theories others tirelessly search records and documents and put the pieces back together.
      This was the watershed moment for them when the took their plans from covert to overt they thought that could control the story and lies, they were wrong they made a major miscalculation.
      We see today the implementation of freedom crushing policies and advancement of a police state.They frantically try to censor the internet and grab back control of the information, it is truly a war on freedom of speech and personal privacy.
      We must be more vigilant and hunt down those responsible while we still have time. we must not allow them time must to push forward with their evil plans.

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