What’s a pirates favorite passage in the bible? AAAAAARRRRRmageddon

China, the military and the final solution to Somali piracy?

We have been continuingly reading about the problem of piracy over the past few years. The amounts they steal are mind boggling everything from containers full of electronics to oil tankers.

Pirate Coast – Somalia

Military action can only mitigate the scourge of Somali piracy. The international community should remain focused on the situation in Somalia, as we edge ever closer to global conflict a cause we could rally around and work together on solving, could be a solution and save us from World war.

The Chinese Navy started to dispatch escort warships to the Gulf of Aden and the Somali waters since January 2009.  China has dispatched ten batches of 26 warships to engage in escort missions for 4,228 vessels in 383 batches. We have seen other nations working together to resolve this issue and rescue people and property taken by pirates.

Just days after Iranian and American military officials traded warnings over a U.S. Navy vessel’s departure from the Persian Gulf, the United States Navy rescued 13 Iranian fishermen and their fishing dhow from Somali pirates in the north Arabian Sea. And in a side irony that punctuates the rare instance of Iranian-American co-operation, the rescue operation was carried out by a ship belonging to the very U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group that Iranian army officials had earlier boasted of evicting from Gulf waters.

If they can work together in this situation, why not when it comes to other issues?

China also cooperated with the European Union on four escort missions for food-delivering ships of the UN World Food Program.

Iran’s navy helped U.S.-flagged cargo ship that was attacked by pirates off the United Arab Emirates. The Iranian navy was the first to respond to the initial distress call from the Maersk Texas, Kevin Speers, senior director of marketing at Maersk Line, said by phone today. The vessel was attacked by several skiffs and armed guards on board returned fire, the company said in an earlier statement.

Somali pirates have also had incidents with the French, two skiffs fired on a French navy vessel after apparently mistaking it for a commercial boat. The French ship gave chase and captured five suspected pirates.

Britain and Russia have also been helping all nations and trying to work out a solution to this problem.

Dutch boarding team ambushed by Somali pirates, firefight ensues

The question I have to ask.

Why can all of these nations that spend the majority of their time arguing and threatening each other unite over a cause as odd as piracy?

I understand that the movie trilogy “pirates of the Caribbean” was very popular but I can’t really see it being the reason.

So maybe we are moving towards a final solution.

As we see the likely hood of war increasing in many regions, an increased naval presence in many of the areas that these pirates operate will inadvertently stop them.

Its a solution, just not the one I would want!

Somali Pentagon allies arrest journalists

Brit widow Judith Tebbutt’s 7-month Somali pirate kidnap terror


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