I don’t believe this, but how long before it’s real? 380 Rebels KILL in MI Battle

I read this and your right no way it is true but whilst i was looking into it i was shocked at just how many are talking about the idea of rebellion/revolution.Many out there are trying to organize and put a group in place to represent the states in a committee to bring about change.The question left to ask is will it be violent or not ?
Some are calling for actions similar to those which lead to the war of Independence, United the States may no longer be.

Military Convoy Spotted In Big Rapids, Michigan On 6/7; What Is Going On? Tue Jun 12 2012 22:23

DHS Agencies To Buy Up To 7,000 New 5.56x45mm NATO ‘Personal Defense Weapons’

Giant Global Hawk Unmanned Drone Crashes In Maryland

Pic: Black Helicopters ‘Guarding’ US Coastline!

7 thoughts on “I don’t believe this, but how long before it’s real? 380 Rebels KILL in MI Battle

  1. This is a very interesting and thought provoking article. Deeply disturbing at the same time. There are many products from Hollyweird and various TV production companies to mould the mind to these scenarios. “Jericho” springs to mind, then the BBC was responsible for “Survivors”.
    What can we deduce from such thinking? That the possibility exists that large, and I mean large, portions of citizenry within the US are willing to confront the state in armed resistance. Disillusioned veterans, militias, just enraged citizens who have nothing to lose. From my online observations it seems that “Oathkeepers” can count as much as 10% of serving military and law enforcement officers as members. These are very large numbers of a population, an armed and vocal population.
    Federal harassment of groups such as The Amish over petty issues as raw milk, the dreaded TSA. All are adding to a sense of confrontation, I see many Sheriffs threatening to arrest federal agents, the list goes on.
    What really was the point of The Hutaree trial in February? Why the increasing use of entrapment by the FBI?
    When one spends time studying Ruby Ridge, Waco and Wounded Knee, well we can conclude one thing. The federal apparatus is, has been for a long time, out of control. I think it numbers in the region of fifteen to nineteen agencies responsible for internal security? Whatever the figures, compared to a place like Britain, where spooks abound, it is an alarming figure.

    Many look at the period of The War of Southern Independence with nostalgia, some with a longing for a return match. For an outsider with an interest in history, well this does not seem too far fetched. Lincoln’s policy toward The South still resonates within staunchly Confederate parts. In historical terms, the war is not long over, in many ways, it is still being fought.

    Some arguments exist for a smaller, less intrusive federal role. That is Ron Paul”s appeal. The traditional hatred and suspicion of Anglo Saxon culture of large standing armies, well this speaks volumes for the present state of affairs.
    Historically and just as a point of interest, the issues fought over in The English Civil Wars spilled over and resulted in The Revolution. England was indeed sold down the river by Parliament, Scotland annexed and Ireland, poor Ireland starved. These were the very folk who built a new life, fought and clawed their way to build a great country. Only now do whose descendants see this crumbling.

    Forgive me Cheese, I ramble somewhat. However, returning to the subject. No, it is not too far fetched to see this materialising. I pray fervently that it does not.

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  3. As much as I have been watching the government I have to say… where’s the video? Where’s the photographs? I DID hear of one guy being arrested by federals for investigating “explosions” but he was released-wouldn’t have if they were simply started waging war against the militias…. course the internet wouldn’t be up either I suppose. Your artwork’s cute. Thanks for liking my blog!

    • Yes your correct no one believes that this took place, but it has raised the issue and the possibility that it could.
      Many have enough and are starting to come together and form groups to stand against the government.
      This article could be put into the premonitions camp, worrying times ahead!

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