Dark dealings in Denver.(updated)


Elites Heading Underground For The Last 3 Months (Video)
Thursday, August 16, 2012.

All the rainbow symbology, olympics, skittle, trayvon martin, chick fila leads to DIA. Plastic bag is a fema coffin reference as well as “containment” Going underground. I believe they have (at the olympics) or are soon going to use the ebola virus as a bioweapon againt us to get down to their 500,000 population goal.

Over the years there have been several conspiracy theories concerning Denver Airport, Colorado, USA. Using Google earth one can see an aerial view of the airport which reveals a strange pattern of runways resembling a Nazi Germany swastika. Inside the building the walls are adorned with strange murals  they are said to reveal a sinister message. Bizarrely there is a set of underground buildings said to have been constructed under the runways for an unknown purpose.

The conspiracy theorists say that this is the site of the New World Order, a place for survivors or a place to extinguish those not chosen for survival. The New World Order is planning to be a master race the world elite they wish to eradicate a large portion of the human race, it is said.

The Denver Airport Deep Underground Military Base.

Peoples suspicions of five massive buildings buried deep under the runways have now been confirmed, although the airport authority and US government deny the existence. What purpose could they have and why the denial?

Queen Elizabeth II is one of many important world diplomats which have purchased property near the airport. Some theorists have speculated that the underground buildings are a concentration camp with built in gas chambers. Others think that they are safe bunkers that the nearby Elite will be moved to come the nuclear apocalypse.

The last theory has some validity military analysts say it is very much like a top secret classified bunker meant for nuclear warfare. They have shower systems throughout the bunkers and the layers of walls contribute to more evidence of a massive military bunker. These bunkers were meant to be top secret for a reason.


The main mural in the airport (some have been painted over), do appear sinister when you see them for the first time, strange images that must carry a meaning. The murals depict varying images of war, peace and liberation. The theory is that these murals are a sign of genocide of the human race and a map of symbols providing a guide as to what is buried underneath, including a death chamber.

the artist of the murals, Leo Tanguma, is a chicano muralist who described his inspiration as, “the struggle for human liberation and democracy. This refers to dehumanizing conditions oppressed peoples strive to overcome such as poverty and homelessness in our cities, the destruction of the environment, racism and exploitation or any unjust conditions.” The symbols in his murals could be misidentified as something evil, when in fact the artist is trying to channel freedom. Many would see these symbols as odd and contradictory for a painting which was trying to give a sense of peace and democracy.

Denver Airport Murals.

Today a cottage industry has sprung up with dozens of websites devoted to the “Denver Airport Conspiracy,” The airport has even received a new nickname “Area 52.”

Wikipedia lists, DIA as a primary example of New World Order symbolism, above the entry about the eyeball/pyramid insignia on the one-dollar bill. DIA has been the subject of many books, articles, documentaries, radio interviews and countless YouTube and forum board postings; they all attempt to unlock the dark mysteries. While the more extreme claim that a massive underground facility exists below the airport where an alien race of reptilian humanoids feeds on missing children!!

These alien reptile crocodile men await the date of government-sponsored rapture.

Conspiracy theorists from a multitude of countries offer analyses of the paintings on message boards and blogs of which I am now one. Some think the murals depicting peace and environmental harmony are meant to be read first, which makes the second parts of the visual narratives — genocide and the devastation of the natural world — the conclusion!!

The murals can then be read as prophetic warnings from an all-knowing groups or celestial beings that humans must clean up their act. Others view the murals not as an oracle, but as a propaganda tool of power-hungry interests and the ever present Illuminati and new world order who hope to distract people with false concerns over global warming thus lulling citizens into complacency with dreams of peace. Then we have those who see phallic imagery all over the airport, I think that this guy might have a penchant for Swaffelen.

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swaffelen) for the few among you unaware of this act 🙂

Phallic Symbols at Denver International Airport.

Phallic Symbols

Once all the swords have been beaten into plowshares — as Tanguma’s “Dream of Peace” mural illustrates — then the evil forces, represented by the military figure in the adjacent panel, will enact their brutal overthrow of the world.

2006 the book A Culture of Conspiracy by University professor Michael Barkun , found Denver International Airport  to be part of a  stream of conspiracy theories that consider the Freemasons( a fraternal organization that grew out of the stone-mason guilds of medieval Europe) as a group secretly in control of world politics. He was intrigued by how DIA conspiracies intersected UFO and 2012 “millennialist” contingents, also the conspiracy branches concerned with underground military bases and reptilian aliens. Left-wing radicals, fundamentalist Christians, UFO hunters, white nationalists, hippie mystics, Vietnam veterans and anti-U.N. Libertarians all pick out evidence within the main body of DIA infatuation to support their competing perspectives.

If the United States was planning to “cleanse” the human race in this facility, I guess they will have to find a new place now. The cat’s out of the bag.

Jesse Ventura – Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport.

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8 thoughts on “Dark dealings in Denver.(updated)

  1. Thank you Cheese. It is easy to see why people question this place, and many others like it. Symbolism plays a massive role in human psyche. From flags to little understood “demonic” signs, history shows the importance placed on such.
    Theories abound about Denver. It has not gone unnoticed that it is in the place I always call the missile belt. A place a potential first strike on the US could occur. Underground is the only safe place, and an airport can receive air trucked “VIPs” to hide away eating MREs for years.

    Whatever the reasons behind the “art”, themselves a creation of a disturbed mind, it holds folk in awe. Perhaps when true liberation takes place, this and those strange Georgia Guide Stones will go the way of Hitlers symbology. I have a feeling the world will be a better place if they did.

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  6. Brilliant the way the skeptics always know how to debunk the conspiracy theorists with one or two quick comments that of course are as good as gold. For example the pyramids were made 4 thousand years ago with people wearing animal skins and hunting their food with bronze spears. They had nothing better to do than to quarry cut move then place over 2 million stones with such precision that it lines up perfectly with magnetic north and is earthquake proof . Just so they could bury their grand puba and so we can admire their handiwork for several centuries. Yes and burying buildings happens all the time I have seen it done on a real tv once. Because we know the hypnotised never lies. Of course J.F.K. was shot in the head by some guy that happens to work in the same building. And we went to the moon in 69 so that the guys could go joy riding in their cool jeep and play golf on the moon and all we got were some cheap moonrocks and Tang. You guys are as stupid as can be. You are worse than the idiots who believe in the greys

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