welcome to your awakening.
Watch the truth reveal itself before you, as rose comes into bloom, your mind will open to new ideas and the lie we have been sold.

The Renaissauce

Being on the road to a voluntaryist philosophy and ditching the propaganda you were taught in social studies (ever wonder why we learn “social” studies instead of history in school?) about the nature of reality, one eventually comes to a crossroads.

There comes the realization that not all is what it seems. You see the violent rules of society and it’s false, contrived institutions dividing and separating people into artificial groups. You see people die by the thousands for imaginary borders on a map and their narcissistic leaders who think nothing in principle but measure only in pride. You see many false ideas, hatred, and fear being injected into society and then misdirected towards strangers half-way across the planet. You see families and communities crippled by the fear of the consequences should they have conviction for once in their lives, and principles that are they call their own.

You see…

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  2. Funny. He must have watched T.B.Liar for several years, followed by the Broon Scot. Then Sarko. Hells bells did they miss the lie about closing Bushes concentration camp? I could swear I heard him say it would close. Then of course he possesses that wonderful condition of all modern politicos, sociopathic lying.
    I envision a world free of politicians. Of good and honest people governing for set periods, to be replaced by others. This is possible, it has happened before.

    “Better to live a dangerous freedom than as a slave” ( Cordi Howell )

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