Syria and Iran the coming war.

C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Rebels –

Bringing Down Assad Is Part of A Larger Elite Effort To Launch World War III


United Nations has warned that civil war is a “real” threat in Syria.Ban Ki-Moon spoke at a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York.Members of the UN decided to meet after the news that nearly 80 people had been killed near the city of Hama in the west of the country this was followed by more claimed massacres, this is what they have been waiting for in order to show they have clear purpose to intervene due to humanitarian grounds .

They say the Syrian government isn’t doing enough to stop the fighting. Kofi Annan, the man who has is trying to bring peace to the country, told the UN that they need to act with unity to pressure the Syrian government.

This six point plan has now been broken so what do we face?

This information was given by The Cafe and GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) they have developed quite the information network around the world. (On that note I am passing on what I am hearing from a solid source.), must be treated as RUMOR until we receive verification:

Russia is preparing for possible war and its actions on the dollar indicate just that; they are going to back Syria, Iran. China will back Iran. Russia has made deals on oil and gas projects and opened its minerals to trading.

Russia has also abandoned efforts to tie the ruble’s movement closely to the dollar and switched to shadowing both the euro and the US currency. This is the first step to war. Other countries operating de facto dollar pegs will follow suit. With 81 per cent of Russia’s oil exports currently sold to Europe, the move means that Russia will eventually denominate its oil in euros.

Both Russia and china and have openly stated that they see the US and UN movements as a threat and that it could lead to war. These comments have not fallen on deaf ears, we see naval and troop movements into the Asian region.

Asia is following Russia, and is about to dump dollars in sizeable chunks; they believe that the U.S. dollar is no longer a stable currency and it appears that Malaysia will be the first major Asian economy to dump the dollar. China has already calculated when they will optimize the dumping of the dollar to provide the greatest strength to a newly un-pegged Yuan. These events will occur very close together and it will be planned to do the most damage to the US economy.

President Obama Speaks on the Future of U.S. Leadership in Asia Pacific Region.

There will be cut off of oil to the U.S once an attack on Bushehr occurs, this will create a situation in the US which will be worse than 1973 fuel crisis.

The US and UN  will be going to war and Syria and Iran, Field commanders already have the authority and a green light  I suspect they will go any time.

They will use the justification of human right violations and nuclear threat to attack these countries.

They say that Iran has had nuclear weapons since 1991.This statement has yet to be verified and Iran adamantly says that all nuclear development is for peaceful purposes.

They say that a nuclear presence  in the region would destabilize the situation  and would result in a nuclear conflict; they conveniently forget to mention that Israel already has a large nuclear strike capability and some would say that it is the right of other nations in the region to build a defense against this.

“I have researched the situation and feel that in a specific time frame 12 months or less, the central banks will be completely diversified in currencies and out of the U.S dollar. This will then force the hand of the United States and war will follow.”

“Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are now being redeployed to better strategic positions. There may well have to have a draft as they are short of people on the ground, this is despite U.S officials/congress comments. China has 2,250,000 ground forces compared to the USA with 1,625,852.

“If we do a see a draft happen we will see and understand this as massive preparation like that of WW2.”

China watches US military buildup in Australia.

U.S. Sends Loaded Warship To Iran! Ready If Obama Orders Military Action.

US Navy Affirms Commitment to Asia-Pacific Security.

So do we see world war 3 on the cards?

The US propaganda campaign has built the myth of Iran’s nuclear-arms ambitions, this story has been unfolding for years, growing increasingly hysterical in the process. Among other groundless claims, the US information warfare forces or should we say main stream media have reported the fictitious story of uranium mining in Venezuela this is said to be in the interests of the Iranian nuclear program. They even fed the media photographs of the Venezuelan uranium mine which, as it transpired, was actually a bicycle-assembling factory which used Iranian-supplied components.

The world is used to hearing lies from US presidents, secretaries of state, defense secretaries, bankers, journalists, diplomats, and intelligence operatives. The alarmist call for a global war on terror, targeting those that oppose US including its own citizens, peaked in the wake of the September 11, 2001 with the destruction of the Trade Center buildings this event in NY has been under dispute with many claims that it was blown up, the order given by the US “shadow government”. Following this event a tide of US special operations swept across the world from Afghanistan and Iraq to Russia.

Post 9/11: America’s Global War.

Syria like Iran is facing a smear campaign. There have been claims that the armed groups in Syria are trained by the US and Israeli intelligence services they are penetrating the country, the mission of destabilizing Bashar al-Assad‘s regime and igniting clashes is their goal.

This could be cited internationally as a pretext for an intervention.

Remembering what happened in Iraq and Libya, Iran is determined to fight back in every way possible, and the Pentagon is fully aware of this and still march forward into the bloodbath that will come. US military planners warned the White House that the consequences of a military campaign against Iran could prove unpredictable, and Obummer took time and consulted with the US allies. We have seen sanctions and other operations against Iran, most recently we have the cyber-attack (stuxnet), PEOPLE need to wake up and see we are already at war, todays wars are fought with more than bullets and bombs.

President Obama orders more cyber-attacks on Iran.

Global media provide coverage of the potential plans for an attack on Iran, pieces of disinformation and attempts to intimidate the country are watched and heard daily.

In September, 2011, Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolás Maduro delivered a message on behalf of Hugo Chavez to the 66th session of the UN General Assembly. There was a great sense of concern behind his talk which resonated with the audience, Maduro said: “an unprecedented, imperialist and permanent war had begun”.

The unlimited power of the military teamed with the financial oligarchy, boosts revenues, this is destroying the world. The world is facing a global catastrophe. War has to be a way of life for the financial capitalist system, destroying societies; wars give the chosen few an opportunity to amass unbelievable riches.

Now the world will/ is confronted with the threat of a series of colonial wars, Libya was the starting point, they need this to revitalize the global capitalist system which is now trapped in a deep structural crisis.

What we clearly see is an escalation around Iran and Syria, military campaigns against these two countries, now casts a long shadow over the relations between Moscow, Beijing and Washington. Moscow and China support the independence and sovereignty of Iran and Syria. These countries are important from the standpoint of geopolitical stability along with trade and economic growth.

In conclusion day by day we inch closer and closer to a conflict that will consume the globe, we see occasional flickers of hope but it seems the oligarchs have their hearts set on this hideous and horrific idea. We are duty bound to what we can to try and steer away from this conflict. We cannot enter a global conflict that is based on lies and modern colonialism.

China warns of full-scale war in Syria as Lebanon army restores calm

The Second World War saw our nations enter into combat to stop a mad man marching across globe on a Napoleonic quest for world domination, most would say we were the heroes. We have now changed roles, we are rapidly becoming the villains and we will suffer greatly if we venture down this path.



syria-today war-crimes tomorrow


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Syria’ous’ situation

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US to Russia: Give Up or Swim in Our Sea of Syrian Blood

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Russia Is Sending Attack Helicopters To Syria; ‘Will Escalate The Conflict Dramatically’   US says Russian arms kill Syrians ‘hourly’ as West turns up pressure

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13 thoughts on “Syria and Iran the coming war.

  1. The drums are banging. I have a feeling that the US will end up, along with Israel, on their own. Even with a draft, and that presumes any will comply, Iran will tie its enemies down in trench warfare. The Arabs will answer Jihad, as will Pakistan.
    Turkey? Bought off with territorial promises? Or, as is more likely it will join a jihad. India? Given her history, well I see her staying out of things unless attacked.

    Yes, the neo con wet dream could start at any time. Time to dig that shelter.

    • We see all the nations you mentioned building up their arms.They are preparing for conflict or at the least arming themselves as a deterrent from other nations.
      With this escalation of military hardware in all parts of the world, my question is this.
      Why do so many live their daily lives with their heads in the sand, mention any of this, quote facts and reference stories and they think you are a crackpot?

      • “I have in my hand a piece of paper from Herr Hitler, ensuring peace in our time”. My theory, and in answer to your question, is a war weary west. When Neville uttered those words in 1938, it was only twenty years since the guns had fallen silent. Britain alone had over 960,000 dead soldiers from that conflict.
        The phoney war of 1939 is rather similar to the phoney war on terror. The “threat” is manufactured. You know, as I do that banksters love this. The west has no intention of repaying any debt. China has been used as a bitch bank for years, it knows the US paper it holds to be worthless.
        As for the chess pieces, yes they are all moving. You and I, many others see what is coming. Joe and Wilma just want to go to the mall and moan about gas prices on FB.
        Iran is a flashpoint. Zionism the real danger. I frankly distrust Likud more than the Iranians. That said, war culls. Nuclear war will cull millions. That suits Agenda 21.
        Then hell what do we know? Now, be a good fellow and pass the tinfoil!

        Syria in civil war – UN official

        So they have their wish, how many days before we see intervention?
        China and Russia will be preparing, we see msm pumping out the propaganda on these three countries, all readying the world for a conflict that is about to engulf the globe!!

  2. Mmm! A Debka that assumes British and French participation. Likuds desire. The reality? A new French socialist president, a Britain wary of being dragged in again with severe limitations on equipment.
    Also I suspect from the RAF point of view a memory of six Tornado aircraft lost against Saddam’s air defences in Desert Storm. That against a half decent Sam system. Frankly Britain, and I dare say France are rightly pre occupied with EU affairs. There is no money in the pot, no belly for more war in a fragile coalition government. The Liberals could side with Labour forcing an election.
    Turkey? I always return in my mind to her. Half of Cyprus is occupied, Greece would not sit by and watch any Turkish ambitions. As I said elsewhere dear Cheese, Uncle Sam might find himself in a mess, Israel offers the only land basing for extended USAF and ground operations. This could turn into a multi front nightmare with alliances forming through the Muslim World unthought of.

    • your right.I think the economic situation will play a huge part, on the other side of the coin we could see a big push back against forces in currently occupied countries.
      Those currently fighting, be they Muslim or not, can see that Europe and US may be running low on funds to power the war machine and this could be a good time to strike back.
      Russia and China backing each other over Syria could be used as an advantage by these groups after all is not the enemy of my enemy my friend?

      • Spot on there my friend. The large Muslim populations in Britain and France actually focus domestic minds. Most of course being thoroughly decent folk. In many ways the overall feeling of war weariness will decide. Yes Russia and China will fill gaps. Thats history, reality. The animals who inhabit Wall Street and The City, well they have a few hard lessons coming. Their activities are reviled by most, nationalism will bring reaction against them and the banksters.
        We The People. From John Locke to Patrick Henry, many others, the seeds were sown. The ideas live and will not go away. A time is coming when Anglo Saxon peoples will reflect and not react. Will demand the things our joint heritage is built on. Not nostalgia, just a clean out time, time to rid the system of the corruption so endemic.
        As for the jingoistic dying empire, its bottom will be smacked soon. The geek and the peasant with the AK47 will restore a balance. Recent history proves that.

      • The triggering event to WWIII could be as early as October, according to Debka-Net-Weekly’sintelligence moles. Iran cannot be allowed to sell Iranian oil for any other currency other than the U.S. dollar—a fatal mistake Iraq’s Saddam Hussein made in his quest to lead the charge to undermine U.S. dollar hegemony in 2000.

        “It is already decided,” one Saudi prince told an unnamed European official, according to Debka-Net-Weekly. When asked by the ‘European’ if America will back out of the hatched plan to strike Iran, the prince said, “Anything can happen, of course. But this time we’re sure the American decision to attack is final and we are already making appropriate preparations.”

        However, according to the source, the prince doesn’t know if a strike on Iran will come before or after the elections in November. But, “the question now isn’t if the Americans will attack Iran, but when,” the prince said.Continued below.

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