What an idiot….US ‘subprime mortgage‘s’ has he forgotten about that little screw up !!!
This guy is becoming worse than Bush, at least Bush didn’t pretend to be smart.
Obama likes to try and portray America as a victim in everything and every situation he faces.
We have been attacked so we must defend ourselves, we are in financial crisis but it was Europe‘s fault, We have no jobs and cant compete because China fixes currency.
Responsibility Mr President learn to take some!!!

US is screwed and its their fault.

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  1. Hah! Well said that man. You know, clown springs to mind, a clown from a horror film, the one with the smile permanently painted on his face.
    Obummer is a marxist drone, controlled by a joystick. One feels that Pol Pot would not look out of place as a running mate.
    Remember the Politburo blaming everyone else for the failures?

    “Kettle calling pot black”?

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