Cold war or hot war There is a lot resting on a little country called Syria!!!


US Attempting to Trigger Full Proxy War in Syria

China News

At its recent summit meeting, China and Russia’s major bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, was more active and expanding.

More active

  • China provides USD10 billion loan to other 5 members and member states have vowed to intensify their economic cooperation;
  • Its leaders signed an announcement expressing its stance to counter the West:
  • It opposes resolving Iranian nuclear issue by force;
  • It opposes armed intervention into other countries’ internal affairs and forced regime change, obviously aiming at supporting the Syrian regime; and
  • It opposes the development of missile defence by Western countries, saying that international security will be damaged by that; and
  • Chinese presidentHu Jintao announces that for other member countries, China will train 1,500 specialists in the coming 3 years, and provide 30,000 scholarships and invite 10,000 teachers and students from Confucius Institutes to study in China in the coming decade.


  • It adopted in its recent…

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