Cold war or hot war There is a lot resting on a little country called Syria!!!


US Attempting to Trigger Full Proxy War in Syria

Originally posted on China Daily Mail:

At its recent summit meeting, China and Russia’s major bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, was more active and expanding.

More active

  • China provides USD10 billion loan to other 5 members and member states have vowed to intensify their economic cooperation;
  • Its leaders signed an announcement expressing its stance to counter the West:
  • It opposes resolving Iranian nuclear issue by force;
  • It opposes armed intervention into other countries’ internal affairs and forced regime change, obviously aiming at supporting the Syrian regime; and
  • It opposes the development of missile defence by Western countries, saying that international security will be damaged by that; and
  • Chinese presidentHu Jintao announces that for other member countries, China will train 1,500 specialists in the coming 3 years, and provide 30,000 scholarships and invite 10,000 teachers and students from Confucius Institutes to study in China in the coming decade.


  • It adopted in its recent…

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