4 thoughts on “I Greatly Fear This Trend

  1. I agree totally. Why was a V1 or V2 a terror weapon? Why is a fifties vintage Scud of Saddam’s a WMD? The answer in a sealed envelope please to whichever clown is running the UN.
    A spotty kid brought up on video nasties flies a terror weapon via video link and brings death. My dear grandfather ( again! sorry ) “if you are going to kill a man in war, at least have the good grace to look him in the eye”.

    Now, well what can we say? We can educate. We can stop demonising. We can write to our MP’s and Congressmen. Frankly do they care?
    The trouble with a drone, it sanitises death. Would drones have been used at Waco? I dare say, “to protect peace officers lives”.

    My service now means very little to me. On a personal level yes, those I served with were good men. The ones we fought were evil, the invaders I fought were an enemy with a face. We all were lied to, thats the common thread.

    Men who fly drones lack one thing. Honour.

    • The sanitizing of war is ongoing drones of all types are regularly used instead of boots on the ground men.This is obviously good for our politicians, it saves them having to justify deaths of the own constituents.
      The ease of which they can kill and a generation raised on video games willing to play this new lethal game is scary (why when you look at the drone tech are the controls the same as those used on consoles?) we need flesh and blood people on the ground, the horrors of war should always be there, they are a deterrent.
      As for the armies/soldiers of the world they need our support they are serving a corrupt master but feel they are doing what they must to protect their family, their country and liberty.
      As someone greater than myself stated “war is young men dying and old men talking”
      We must take responsibility for the deaths that occur in our name we must hold those in power to account and we must never ever forget that war is hell. Automation of the killing using robots (drones = robots) should be stopped today!!

  2. I agree with you broadly. However, and it is a small difference. The soldier is not totally blameless. I recall my time, and I regularly work with others who have served in modern theatres. Just listening, being there.
    One constant thread emerges from this generation, guilt. Not of their actions, but of the motive of government in sending them. Now, I and others have seized on this trend, asking why. My own theory is an increasing number realise the level of lie they are fed. This could account for Mr Paul’s support base. Unlike in my service, the net gives real time access to other information even when serving overseas.

    Maybe the age old defence “I was only obeying orders” has run its course.

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