America has been overrun by control freaks.  Once upon a time the United States was considered to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, but today there are millions of laws, rules and regulations that tightly regulate our daily lives.  Most of these laws, rules and regulations were established by people who believed that they had “good intentions”, but at this point the nanny state has become so oppressive that it is strangling the life out of us.  If you look back throughout history, the societies that have really thrived have had a very high degree of liberty and freedom.  When the bureaucrats get the upper hand, it can suck the life out of any economy.  Unfortunately, our political system seems to be a magnet for control freaks.  These control freaks truly believe that they know better than the rest of us and they are…

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  1. Yes, that was good.

    I actually experienced this first hand when relocating a business enterprise from Florida to Ontario (originally not by choice)….but suddenly relaized that within the scope of the industry which is conducted almost identically, the extreme lack of government oversight and permitting required for the Ontario operations was shockingly apparent when I compared it to the layers and reams of State and Municipal permits required to pursue a profit and carry out the work to achieve the same end result.

    I asked myself why all of this arbitrary levels of inspection slowing production down and driving costs up?….and I am just a small guy….and I didn’t even have EPA to deal with!

    God Bless the man or woman who can remove the false nanny-shackles from American Enterprise….they would really create an America 2.0.

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