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  1. We have a straightforward issue. The US military are like Wellingtons army and The Royal Navy after Napoleon’s defeat. “Where do we go from here”?
    They are running scared of not having justification for anything. Look at BAE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin etc. We know the phoney war on terror has cost billions, they try and charm the military constantly. The Afghan, has yet again shown resistance and guess what? Is winning.

    I remember staring at the East Germans staring at me through Zeiss binoculars. I dreaded war then. I, like you thought at the time Russia was evil. Then I woke up to revisionist history.

    That is a good article thanks. Maybe they see another cold war as the reality, a return to domino theory. Whatever they are thinking, well yes I agree with you.
    Interesting that I only watch RT as a news channel now 🙂

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