Buying into a system that has you chasing the latest bit of tech that will spill all your secrets and info for those who wish to control you.


Limitations of Technology, or Marketing Conspiracy?

For the past five years or so I have bought a number of computers (both PC and Mac) and smartphones (Blackberries, iPhones, Androids) and have disposed of each and every single one within a couple of years after purchase. Up until a few months ago, I have always assumed that that there was some inevitable hardware or software issue that caused most of these devices to become nearly incapacitated after a couple years of use. Only recently have I realized that this problem applies to technology as a whole. Is this issue an actual shortcoming of current technology?? Or is it a grand marketing scheme?? Whatever the case may be, American consumers quickly abandon “devices” for the new “new” thing. According to a Forbes article, Americans spend $35 billion annually on mobile devices. Personally, I have abandoned plenty of technology that worked just fine, for the newest device. Is this…

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