Well I’m not surprised at all are you? As I saw somewhere recently, 1984 was meant as a piece of literature not a bloody users manual. It’s amazing how we let it all creep up on us until it becomes accepted everyday life and this is no one else’s fault than our own, yes the 99 per cent. Look at me, I’m sharing another video after the horse has bolted. I have great faith in the kids of this generation, there is an air of honesty about them as a whole, look what we’ve left them, I’m embarrassed.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer’s observation that the first person to shoot down a surveillance drone on U.S. soil will be a “folk hero,” gun enthusiasts in Texas have done precisely that as a protest against the use of spy drones on the American people.

Looks like it’s hunting season but remember the Drones…

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  1. I should think a potato gun would bring one down!
    Let’s see how many minutes it takes for someone to order a rocket to be fired into someone’s bedroom.

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