Speak out we dare you, tell the truth we dare you, let the common man know what is planned we dare you……when you have finished we arrest, deport and detain you.
From a land founded on FREE SPEECH!!!


Prominent Americans urge Ecuador to accept Julian Assange’s asylum request

Machine Mindz

Julian Assange. Everyone around the world knows him. Either they hate him or they love him. But you know who hates him the most?

The huge power players in international politics.

They are upset that their gossip and political backstabbing has been unveiled by the notorious Wikileaks.

Wikileaks waged its war on secrecy Nov. 28 two years ago.   The Battle is between freedom of speech and its double standard. There is a double standard that allows people of the world to protest against a government’s visible issues but as soon as a group of people shine light on that government’s deepest and darkest secrets, “all hell breaks loose”. Evidently the people of the world were “not supposed to know that.”

Wikileaks purpose is to:

Bring important news and information to the public… One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories…

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  1. You know Cheese, I have many doubts about this fellow. On the surface all seems to be kosher. I read Soros was connected, via one of his front companies. Whatever, the outing of so much information was a good thing. However, when we look at spook world and its complex machinations, is this not another possibility? The chance to use Wiki leaks as an excuse to bring in draconian powers. The trial to increase an already high profile, then the catapulting to political position.

    I admit to being Mr Cynical ( double dose!) However, something about this does not ring true with me.

    • Yes we could see them using this guys popularity with those who are in disagreement with current governments.
      Maybe he will go though a show trail and stand victorious and then move into the political arena but the damage has been done people have had their appetites stimulated by wiki-leaks.
      He will lose credibility in the eyes of many if this does happen but i think the hunger for truth will remain.

  2. I agree the advantages outweigh any other agenda.

    My other feeling of unease is that my daughter pointed out he resembles David Beckham 🙂

  3. I am so glad you guys liked my article. It means a lot to me to always get readers who support all the things I write about. If you want to hear more stuff on politics, innovation, sustainable energy, or just about life just check out Machine Mindz.

  4. I believe Assange is a hero (if you couldn’t already tell by my article) in my own opinion. I’m not too sure his rise to power is a conspiracy because that would undermine so many things such as the Arab Spring and sparking the awakening souls in all of our hearts for the truth. Though I do agree with the cynicism but it almost borderlines conspiracy; contradictory to what Wikileaks has published

    • That is an interesting point Francis. You must forgive an old warhorse for my cynicism. I witnessed and was part of a thirty year conspiracy in NI. We knew it was a playground for spooks. That has lead many of my generation to treat anyone like Mr Assange with suspicion.
      Like the Arab Spring, well I agree with you about the awakening, that is to be applauded. As is The New Reformation. However, I smell spook, frankly the CIA, MI6 and our “M” friends have been out of national governments control for so long they think accountability does not refer to them.

      Wiki showed a window, many are too lazy to even read. What it highlights is an out of control military, that in itself is the most worrying facet. Corporate interest rules the actions of Nato, via the puppet UN. My opinion at least.

      Best wishes with your writing, very thought provoking stuff.

      • Thank you, I’m glad you’re strong in your opinion. I guess my neorealism sometimes overlooks that a conspiracy is possible. You make a compelling argument, none of which is incorrect. I guess that leaves us with time… only that will reveal what Assange and the world is truly up to

      • This is true throughout history though. Neorealism? No, more likely idealism, a great quality in a man.
        Just keep banging the drum until they cut your arms off. then use your feet 🙂

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