The floating of Facebook shares over the last week or so has caused a storm with investors and media, claims of price fixing and fraud abound.

As the controversy over the inflated price looks like it should and could move into the realms of a criminal investigation Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can be found honeymooning with his new bride.

Share prices were started at 38 dollars before trading and then took a rapid and sharp drop once trading began, this drop could have been significantly more if it were not for the likes of Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. They kept prices high by artificially propping up share values.

Bankers and underwriters propped up the social-network’s trading debut in order to keep prices at the estimated and over inflated levels that they had been promoting, those who purchased or sold said shares or had investment interests in Facebook were kept in the dark over actual values. Sounds a lot like another bail out!

The question I have, why was so much value given to these stocks?

Facebook still does not have clear path for revenue generation with advertising being it’s lynch pin, it does not seem an obvious money maker. I don’t know about you guys but how often do you actually click on a Facebook advertisement?

Secondly I am suspicious of the amount of time and energy which was dedicated to promoting this sale by persons and interests that were not directly involved with Facebook, a cynic might see manipulation and a last grab for wealth off of a large company going public before a crash sets in.

nypost…. big business saves_face

What will we see next, Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerberg starting a new life in china?

Because Facebook is so popular in China.

Mark Zuckerberg has been very successful and Facebook broke all expectations it is the largest social network out there (for the time being). The network is changing and has been dogged by speculation and rumor.

Recent updates to the site have had an adverse effect, people are not liking the new look and features. The fact that it is very hard, if not impossible to change them has many fans unhappy. There has also been talk of CIA and FBI tracking and spying using the site and some say NSA have their fingers firmly in the Facebook pie.

The image that has been created for Mark Zuckerberg is another area in which people have started to notice that all is not as we have been told.

Mark’s story was immortalized by the film The Social Network. This movie would have us believe that he was a nerdy college dropout with a big idea, a little digging shows that this is not really the case he received much financing and help from many sectors including government.

Over the next few months I will be watching Facebook very closely. Could we see the world’s biggest social network lose popularity and fail?


Facebook Sues Zuckerberg

Privacy is the new currency (sorry, poor people)


16 thoughts on “Facecrook.

  1. I’m in the process of closing my Facebook account. I’m removing all my likes, my friends, photos, posts, groups.. and it is taking a long time, they do not make it easy, its time consuming. I know they have all the information backed up anyways, but I feel a little more liberated each time I remove something. Their privacy policy is a joke and difficult to navigate. Who is spying on me today? Loopholes allow “friends” to disable their accounts and then reactivate them later using another name…with the privacy settings you had at the time they disabled their account (even if you’ve changed the settings since). If you import your friends list into yahoo mail, the email that your friends signed up with is imported( even if they have set it to private on their FB page). and now they are looking into buying Opera for a billion dollars. I know a lot of people that have closed their accounts permanently and say they are so happy now. Hmmm……

    • The first of many.
      I have a daily cheese page i would like to have it stand alone but I can not, it must be linked to a private page.
      It has become a huge data mine and is/was just too much of a temptation for those wanting control.
      The good thing about the internet it does have the ability of providing the alternatives that people want, so i don’t think it would be long before something fills the niche.

  2. I hope you don’t mind if I share this photo. I will be posting the link to your webpage of course. Thanks.

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