spam!! I don’t think so.

Over the last few days any comments that we have made on fellow bloggers pages have been blocked as spam.

Please, if you follow this page check your filter.

Have no clue why this has been happening !!

Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this issue ?

6 thoughts on “spam!! I don’t think so.

  1. yes, one of yours showed up in my spam filter…kinda surprised as I had made a few comments on your site and you had done similar and usually that keeps things clear…

    • Yes I don’t understand it only share information with those i think would be interested, the views have gone through the floor since this happened.Tried to contact wordpress no response.
      I just all my followers see this and remove me from their spam list.

      • With all the research I have done, nothing surprises me. There are so many filters, and web crawlers, and spooks, and trolls and spammers…you just have to plow through it like a herd of cattle to get your message out.

        If the truth is found out and spoken and it gets smothered you know for sure we have entered a dark day.

        Keep cutting the cheese.

  2. I don’t understand how to get to the spam before it gets trashed by akismet. I have a lot of “spam” that akismet has blocked, but I don’t ever get to see what was posted. I have to check my page a lot to see if anything is held in the spam filter then I can read it and approve/trash it, but only within a certain amount of time, and the settings don’t do anything.

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