The ‘Obama spending binge’: Fact or fiction?

More and more great political cartoons appearing these days ,this was another of today’s favorites.


I like to pick articles from The Week magazine because they compile competing views on up-to-date topics, more often giving the reader an overview of the media’s mood rather than presenting a particular point of view.  That can be very helpful when trying to stay informed about politically divisive issues where differing opinions are presented as fact by different sides.  A great example is research analyzing spending during Obama’s first three years as president.

The latest data shows that Obama’s spending actually represents great balance.  Some will say this is victory for Obama and defeats the Republican talking point that Obama created the deficit.  Accounting for inflation, Obama has actually decreased spending.  Others say that while spending did jump early in Obama’s tenure, a lot of that had to do with policies agreed to before his time.  Conversely, one can say spending has increased as it related to GDP…

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