Scott Walker Claims Voter Fraud is Worth “One or Two Points” in Wisconsin…Forgets Elementary Math in the Process

Great read and a funny cartoon.


If fraud amounted to two percentage points in a presidential election in Wisconson, it would be a wildfire in the national media and political punditry. Of course no such thing has ever happened. Gov. Walker clearly needs to go back to when we all learned how to understand percentages, or he needs to stop getting his white papers from entirely biased and irresponsible sources.  And that to me is the best way to describe this kind of behavior: irresponsible.  This is the kind of stuff that often gets by the average person taking passing glances at the news on TV or scanning articles online.  And it isn’t fair to anyone that they need question everything they hear in the news.  Public officials have a duty to not deceive or outright lie to their electorate and the broader public. I’m glad some journalists still make efforts to investigate the often insanely…

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