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BPR Editor’s Note:  Soon more and more Americans will get to know what citizens in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries are experiencing: the sight of unmanned aerial drones, sent from mysterious airfields, sent to spy on and sometimes kill people, quite a few of whom turn out to be civilians. The American police state promises to grow and expand in our skies. Groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation want to expose and restrict drone activity whenever possible.

Local Governments Have the Power to Restrict Drone Surveillance in the US

By Trevor Timm/ Electronic Frontier Foundation/ May 18, 2012

A series of events in the last two weeks have set the stage for how surveillance drones will be operated by local law enforcement in the United States and how citizens can demand privacy protections as domestic use escalates.

As EFF has previously reported, Congress passed a bill in February…

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  1. I learned a bit about this during my visit to the Smithsonian. A concern I have is the increase in air traffic. This will mean more downed planes if only from accidents. Our skies will not be as safe as they once were.

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