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NATO orders five new drones worth $1.7bn

 May 23, 2012    Updated 2 days ago   From Web Edition    TheNews

WASHINGTON: Northrop Grumman Corp said on Sunday it had signed a $1.7 billion contract with NATO for a new surveillance and intelligence system that will include five high-altitude unmanned Global Hawk planes and transportable ground stations.

Northrop Chairman and Chief Executive Wes Bush signed the contract in Chicago on Sunday during a NATO summit, joined by officials from European companies participating in the deal and 28 ministers of defense from NATO countries.

The contract launches NATO’s Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system, which is expected to support a broad range of missions, including protecting ground forces, border and maritime security, counterterrorism, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and natural disaster relief.

The NATO deal comes as Northrop is fighting to reverse plans by the U.S. Air Force to cancel a different version…

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  1. No doubt! Russia has maintained its fleet of Mig 25s. Albeit a legacy of the cold war. It still cannot be matched for high altitude performance, endurance and weapon load, designed to intercept high altitude intruders.

    I still remember Gary Powers and the invulnerable U2. Then dear little Serbia managing to pop off a shot at stealth, the pride of the skunk works.

    Imagine the fun and games when these things start crashing to the ground 🙂

    • When billion dollar tech gets taken out by a cheap a weapons system I think it highlights the role of economics in war.
      One major contributing fact to the German loss in WW2 was the allies and mainly the US ability to produce mass numbers of less superior weaponry at less of an expense.
      With military spending reaching record amounts one would think they would learn a little from history.

      • I agree. Having seen firsthand the damage a 500lb iron bomb can do to a piece of floating multi million pound frigate, well the peasant and his AK spring to mind.
        Fact is Cheese, boys like toys, men in suits like money. Remember the sixties folk tune, “When will they ever learn”? I sing it in my head a lot.

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