Baghdad: Another line Bites the Dust?

Nice cartoon.

IRAN 24/07

Click the caricature to see the enlarged PDF version

This weeks 5 + 1 conference and diplomatic activity around Iranian nuclear operations we all witness, aroused the subject for a while; however referring the experience UN, IAEA and world leaders have with Iranian delegation does not give much room for optimism and Iran2407 keeps the skeptical vision on the matter and the reason for it is the almost decade-long effort to persuade Iran’s government to halt the uranium enrichment. Is there another red line melted and fell to diplomacy efforts?

The Economist in his last week’s editorial fully enlightens the topic :

“…OPTIMISM, in the intricate and frustrating world of international wrangling about Iran’s nuclear programme, is a relative concept. But the White House did call the opening of talks between Iran and the “5+1 group” (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) in Istanbul four weeks ago a “positive first step”. After several months in which a pre-emptive military…

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