G8 Confab Calls for Action Against Iran, North Korea

they keep pushing and pushing and soon enough they will get their wish, as the nukes fly we will have to answer for why we let them do this.


by Kurt Nimmo

During the G8 confab at Camp David this weekend, the “major industrial nations” called for turning up the heat on North Korea and Iran in response to their nuclear programs.

Nutrition security — except for the North Koreans.

“We continue to have deep concerns about provocative actions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) that threaten regional stability,” Xinhua quoted the group as saying in a joint statement. It demanded North Korea “comply with its international obligations” and abandon its nuclear program in a “complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner.”

It called on United Nations member states to act against North Korea for its ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

Following North Korea’s failure to launch an earth observation satellite in March, the U.S. said it would not honor a commitment to provide the pariah state with food. The United States accused North Korea of using…

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3 thoughts on “G8 Confab Calls for Action Against Iran, North Korea

  1. I found it interesting that Israel was excluded from the Nato summit, that after their request to attend as observers. During my travels over the years, it is not lost to me the downright distrust of Israel within Europe. Not the people, the military dominated governments who’s extremist zionism seems to know no bounds.
    Within a majority of Israelis, that is thinking ones, I see an overwhelming desire for peace, a withdrawal to pre 67 borders and creation of a Palestinian free state.
    That includes recompense for land stolen in 1947 from Arabs.

    It is within grasp. However, whilst nationalists dominate government it will not occur. A US president with the guts to turn off financial / military “aid” would help the process. Sometimes the horse has to be made to drink.

    • Yes very, it seems that Americans would fall over backwards if told to do so by the Israeli’s.
      Their understanding of the situation seems to be limited and when backed into a corner they always bring out the ‘H’ word.
      The fact of the matter is, with out the financial and military support from the US in the past, present and future we would/could see a very different picture in that part of the world.

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