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Weather Control

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Click to go to Haarp HomepageIn one of my very early blog articles, I made a somewhat veiled reference to something called HAARP. The “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”.

Before today, you may have had some suspicions about human ability to modify global climate. Well I am here today to give you the proof. I warn you, however, it may not be the proof you expected if you are a climate-change believer.

Perhaps you wondered if technology was being used, and I’m not just talking about crop dusters spraying silver iodide to do cloud-seeding to stimulate rainfall, I am talking about something far more advanced. Something that has serious and dangerous consequences for all of society.

The technology of Weather Manipulation

Weather-modding worldwide has been a fact since at least 1995. It is done through the use of the high-powered Electro-Magnetic Radiation bursts from HAARP…

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  1. Yep I get his updates and he has shown this several times different parts of the country… the next day bad weather follows.

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