more on The Missile defense shield that is needed so badly.We all know that al-Qaeda have so many intercontinental missiles and this is essential for our protection during this war on terror!

Military Studies at RSIS

Interesting story, courtesy of the BBC and accessible here, on the establishment of a missile defence shield for Europe, in particular NATO. The analysis asks important questions about the probability of a missile threat to NATO, and the technological feasibility of such a missile defence.

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  1. Memes my friend. Constant lying, false flags, backed by more lies. Oh! Then there are the “jobs” created by “defence”. Big government to feed the slobs their chemically enhanced diet.

    Truth hurts, but Nato is surrounding the last two countries on earth that can lay waste to vast areas of the west. The latest American dabbling in Russian and Chinese affairs is so blatant that it is laughable. As you point out, those dangerous Muslims possess an arsenal of missiles, all ready to be used in anger against us.

    Warfares future is low tech. Iran proved the old maxim that numbers count. The Chinese with Russia alongside stop Nato’s expansion. Any strategist worth his salt will point out Nato does not have the manpower to hold ground. They need to resort to nuclear options or client states. Such is the new Great Game. Nato does not have the backing of its populations, who ultimately fund its games.

    The US government fears its own population, without their compliance the ultimate goal is unachievable. Europe is fracturing, those countries will look to Russia for resources. Ivan will blossom again.
    The western, enlightened youth will not flock to the colours as they did twice before. Vietnam was a rude awakening, opposition flourishes at all levels.

    Now, be a good fellow and share some tinfoil. My brain is about to boil 🙂

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