4 thoughts on “Anonymous: We Have Access to Every Secret Government Database

  1. I despair at some folks. Frankly I do not know what or who to believe a lot of the time. Spooks and others ie their masters, well they exist in a parallel universe. Are these outfits their creation?
    Who backs Assange?

    The list goes on. Lies and counter lies seems to be domain of many. If you have information that will confront and damage the evil, well use it. Otherwise shut up and leave truth telling to the foot sloggers.

    Oh heck I feel another senior moment is due 😦

    • I have my doubts about Anonymous.I think when they first started they were as claimed but the way in which they operate has them primed for infiltration and the potential for their name to be used against them.
      It is a difficult situation to make a decision on. On one hand they police the politicians online,on the other they almost confirm the arguments that the same politicians put forward.

  2. I don’t even think the government itself knows where every secret database is. I am particularly interested in this extraterrestrial disclosure information anonymous claims to have that will “change everything.” There are a couple new videos on youtube. What are they waiting for?

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