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Beheaded France's Sarkozy sends a warning message to Germany's Merkel on Austerity politics, cartoon by Zapiro

Today there were elections in the most populous state in Germany, North Rhineland-Westphalia.

As expected, it was a defeat for the Rightist national government coalition of Ms Angela Merkel.

The two parties of Merkel’s coalition, her own CDU party and the FDP party, got only a third of the vote.

The state president of the CDU, Norbert Röttgen (who had been parachuted especially for the election to North Rhine-Westphalia by Ms Merkel herself), resigned after hearing about the election disaster.

The winners were the local Social Democrats, whom Ms Merkel had attacked for not being sufficiently pro-austerity.

Voters in North Rhine-Westphalia inflicted a heavy blow on Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday and strengthened the Social Democrat-Green regional government: here. And here.

Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a massive defeat in the election in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) on Sunday. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lost…

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  1. Mmm! Now time for a technocrat from JP Morgan, how will they sell him to these folk? I see a German walk away from the Euro, they printed their Marks last year.
    They refuse for political reasons to partake in Nato blood parties, export technology to who the see fit and generally look out for no.1.

    Europe is a collection of warring tribes, always has been. Our dear “elite” think they can crystal ball this stuff and micro manage. I have a feeling they are going to be proved very, very wrong.

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