US Acknowledges Sending Troops to Yemen, Obama’s New War

yet another step closer, we will see an attack on Iran soon?

5 thoughts on “US Acknowledges Sending Troops to Yemen, Obama’s New War

  1. Yet more war. In many ways, well it benefits the cause of truth. For even the most blind, un- hearing beings will see this as part of the great deception.
    I love the way he announced the other week that “the war on terror is over”.

    Yes, they will attack Iran, after the election or before? Who knows. I like many others dread the London Olympics, for who knows what these animals have yet to release on innocent folk to further their evil.

  2. the bastards in office like to play the “look at my hand” game, to get your attention on one hand, while picking your pocket with the other. only this time, they seem to have a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. syria is likely to be our next war, since few people support the “rebels.” then again, we may be involved in a civil war soon. damn. the insanity is getting heavy out there!

    • My monies on internal conflict, the Oathkeepers seem a pretty serious bunch. Plus the “Afghanstis”, well you have a problem Houston.
      The world would look on bemused, others will relish it. I think the realisation by the military is key, the NCO and junior ranks funding Mr Paul, domestic support for war is, well, stuffed.
      Then, well maybe Israel will get its way. Syria is not Libya and Turkey, well, one to watch there đŸ™‚

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