Banned US Commercial about the national debt

I am not sure how to feel about this ad.The collapse prophesied with the end result being Chinese dominance.
This is almost anti Chinese propaganda or at the very least shows the underlying paranoia regarding the Chinese.

One thought on “Banned US Commercial about the national debt

  1. Very interesting…..

    If you link over to my blog , go back to a prophetic presentation by John Paul Jackson, February 23 post (Amazing, Powerful, Scary….) advance the playback to 30 minutes for the beginning of the prophetic announcements,…but more specifically the statements about China at about 55:30 minutes in.

    So, there are these an a few others I have re China and Russia,s nefarious intentions for the future.

    If you think about it, and this is a poor analogy, if you want to get an advantage on your opponent, get him drunk !….The U.S. is becoming osified on a national debt!….by the Hour!……once you are saddled with debt, you cut you r military programs, cheapen every expense provision….and then you are ripe for a surprise attack ……because, guess whom you are indebted to?…..CHinatown!

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