“If the enemy is in range, so are you.”

Is,raeal threat.

In the sand dunes south of Rishon Litsion southeast of Tel Aviv passersby need only to grab a quick glance of the mammoth structure rising out of the desert as they make their way to their destinations and wonder what this monster could be. Whatever they are constructing it must be important signs forbid people to turn off the Tel Aviv-Rishon Litsion highway and onto the road leading to the site, it is barricaded with mighty concrete walls as well as state-of-the-art surveillance and warning system watching you’re every move ready to send warning to Israel’s military.

This monster structure is known as “The Israeli Institute for Biological Research (IIBR)” this is the location where Israel’s scientist research and develop the country’s biological and chemical weapons. They make all of the paraphernalia and equipment that is associated with bio and chemical warfare.

This place is so secret even the people and press of the country have no clue as to what goes on inside, they often hear and read about developments regarding the base from western and other media sources. In all the history of the base and its operation only once has the Israeli press been given a chance to report on what goes on behind those monstrous security walls.

From information that has been released we know that The IIBR has some 300 scientists and technicians in its employ. They have units that specialize in specific areas of chemical or biological research, the general aim is the production of chemical or biological weaponry. Rumors say that one of these secret departments is reported to have developed the poison that was used by the notorious Mossad assassination unit, Kidon.

Israel is also the lone nuclear power in the region. They have had nuclear capability since the 60’s and it is reported that they have up to 400 nuclear weapons at this moment in time. Israel is reported to possess a wide range of different systems, including neutron bombs, tactical nuclear weapons, and suitcase nukes.

Israel continues to threaten Iran. The Iranians are demonized by the Israelis. This view is supported by many western nations all agreeing that Iran is the biggest danger in the region. The Israelis conveniently forgetting about the weapons they have and are developing, they all must know that they are playing with fire by waging war against the Iranians.If a full scale war were to break out are they prepared to deploy these weapons?

Israel cannot hide its true face to the world. Israel’s false flags and blame games have gone from tragic to comedic. This is like watching a cartoon in which a character blows up the world and then says, “It wasn’t me.”

 Israel is only in a position to throw its weight around because people are scared of what it would do with these weapons; it has an insane view that it is the besieged victim in the region but with its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons it too is terrorizing.

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