From pan to fire a Chinese traitor.

This guy maybe blind but can he not see he is jumping from the pan into the fire?

The current goings on in the U.S see them increasingly following the Chinese model of government .Rumors of civil war and other unrest persist amongst the online community but they still wish to sell the world on America being home of the free.

As for the U.S do they really want to antagonize the Chinese further? This feels like a great piece of public relations for the U.S. They get to show how they support the free speech of others less fortunate in foreign countries and how they welcome those with views that are different to those of a communist state, when truthfully each day they move to silence more and more dissidents in their own country.

Dissident Chen ‘does not know when he can leave China’

Chinese Activist’s Death Called ‘Suicide’, but Supporters Are Suspicious

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