The rise of fervent nationalism is what we can expect from Francois Hollande and the left-wing Socialists.This was a non choice for the French, a banker lackey under Sarkozy or an agent of agenda 21 with Hollande.
Europeans need to pay attention, the plans for replacing free and elected leaders with country/region managers working for the big banks is in full play.
We see the managed and created financial crisis working as planned.
Agenda 21 is in full swing and gains speed with each new day…..wake up people!

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  1. You crossed the line first, sir. You squeezed them, you hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.
    :The dark knight.

    This came to mind when i saw the results of the French election!

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  3. I doubt the elections in France are any more on the up and up than those in America are, anymore. Our Elections for our next President will be held in November of 2012. Somehow, I think if 100% of the people voted for Ron Paul, either Romney or Obama would still ‘win’ the White House in America. They are both CFR puppets, after all. I suspect that the world leaders have already been groomed to take their places in the helms of power. Perhaps that is why some headlines are reporting the potential for civil war in the US. I suspect our leaders are loading their guns with the laws they are imposing for our safety (wink, wink) … you know, like the NDAA … I wonder who is going to protect us from the terrorists in D.C. and on the board of the Bilderberg Group? I don’t think the average American citizen is going to go down easy, if you know what I mean. Hmmm.

    • Yes the ‘council on foreign relations’ and the other cabals have already chosen who will win in any election.
      The dog and pony show is rolled out to distract the masses.All the old slogans are spouted and people smile and clap and say how things will be different now.
      Post election the new puppet gets straight to work doing his/her masters bidding.
      On occasion it has been known for people to have a moment of clarity and see the situation for what it is , let us hope that more and more people wake to the scam that is modern politics and the winds of change sweep Europe and the U.S.

      • As much as I’d hope to avoid politics on my blog, my conscience won’t let me. We all need to be talking and sharing information and exposing these few elite before they are successful in carrying out their plans. I think if the masses ever woke up, and quit fighting among themselves over petty issues, we’d have a chance to reclaim what is ours. Thus the reason for that post I did on the NWO. I can’t believe how many people still don’t realize that we are being herded like sheep, despite the evidence that is crashing down on us at every turn. It is frightening to think of the life future generations will have to look forward to, if this one doesn’t not take a stand to destroy the corruption behind the political scenes. The truth couldn’t be more obvious than it is at present.

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