Re-Occupied! Thousands of activists clash with police in New York as May Day protests spread across dozens of U.S. cities

a flicker of the spark of liberty, many people now joining a movement that the press dubbed the home of hippies and lay abouts.They can now see that is not true the 99% stand.

Emerging Truth

  • At least 30 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested after clashes with NYPD
  • In anticipation of protests, NYPD stormed activists’ homes on Monday
  • Tear gas launched in Oakland, California – 4 arrests made
  • 12 arrested in Portland, Oregon and 10 in LA
  • Black-clad protesters in Seattle used sticks to smash small downtown shop windows and ran through the streets disrupting traffic
  • Comes after Occupy called for a general strike, urging workers and students across the U.S. to stay at home today in an act of defiance

By Daniel Bates , Lydia Warren and Louise Boyle

PUBLISHED: 17:09 EST, 30 April 2012 | UPDATED: 19:13 EST, 1 May 2012

Thousands of Occupy Wall Street activists have clashed with police after swarming banks and businesses in New York as part of the movement’s massive May Day protests across the country.

In a deliberate attempt to bring large-scale European-style May 1 protests to…

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6 thoughts on “Re-Occupied! Thousands of activists clash with police in New York as May Day protests spread across dozens of U.S. cities

  1. The NYPD is notoriously known for doing things their way without any consideration of the bill of rights in the US constitution, which they are sworn to protect.There was incident a few months ago where a NYPD police officer chased a 17-year old drug suspect back to his house and then entered inside without a warrant, and shot him as he was trying to dispose of the drugs in the toilet of his home. Also, the NYPD has the ability to spy on other people in other states, in which they don’t have any jurisdiction.

  2. Liberty and Truth will emerge victorious, it will take time, pain and suffering. The NYPD are the same as all other western police, militarised boot boys in black. I could wax lyrical but wont.

    I have had experience of London’s finest at many levels over many years. They are rather akin to an exclusive club. One that kills innocents and seems to expect to get away with it. One that terrorises and hides behind dubious “laws”, which they do not understand.

    Well, as present investigations into police corruption at all levels go on. We must ask ourselves what do we expect? The sight of an NYPD officer spraying pepper over peaceful demonstrators has stuck in many English minds. Rather akin to pictures from Abu Gharib and Lindsey Lohan.

    They are not “peace officers”, they are bullies with guns and other lethal toys, along with an increasing arrogance to use them to terrorise.
    We all know what happens to bully boys in the end 🙂

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