Government Explained



Brilliant video showing the flawed logic of our political system.

Ok, so assuming we want to change our world, we need to answer the HOW?

I know change is difficult – and I’m not referring just to the political system. Change requires spending energy, and lots of it. But we’ve evolved in such a way where the actions resulting in saving energy, are the ones considered as preferable by our biological mechanisms. Therefore we became creatures of habit and we feel safe with familiar things. But just because we feel safe, doesn’t mean we are.

– So what can we do? I mean ‘they’ have the laws, the weapons, the media, the police, the corporations.. on their side. Right?
– Right!
– And what do ‘we’ have?
Well, dear reader, the “only” thing we have is each other, our creativity, our communication and our determination. Now if used…

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