Nice post.Now is the time they will go to war at home.

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The ‘War on Terror‘ was declared ‘over’ last week, but we now know it’s a permanent operation aimed at the American people. This cartoon, drawn by Tina Norton, illustrates how absurd and pernicious the TSA has become. Molesting frightened little girls is supposed to prevent ‘terror?’ The TSA are the real terrorists. They are performing government terror on citizens. The TSA must stand for “Terrorize the States of America,” or “Testicle Squeezing Assessors,” or even “Troubled Sadists Agency.” This type of job is a magnet for child abusers and perverts. The trouble is, the groping and microwave frying won’t be confined to airports. Obama wants a Civilian Security Force as strong as the military in order to suppress and harass Americans themselves. This means the TSA will be coming to bus and train stations, malls and schools. Random checkpoints with malicious TSA gropers everywhere will be the…

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  1. Thank you. A good pointer to the path ahead. I spoke to a fellow recently returned from the US awhile back. He is not returning, ever. His reason? These “agents” treated him like a common criminal at a port of entry.

    Now this fellow is a man of the world so to speak. Widely travelled and multi lingual, a scholar who commands a certain respect with his peers.
    He also happens to be Indian by birth.

  2. Thank you for that link, and yes it is a distinct possibility. The reaction of many in The South will be to fight the unfinished business of Lincoln’s naked aggression. Many other states will try and secede, and then there are the Oathkeepers. One thing has struck me about these fellows, they are serious.

    The reaction from the rest of the world? It will be mixed, if major war is avoided, the others will exploit American distraction. The US has become increasingly introspective of late, or at least the citizenry has. The fact is not lost to me that she is still a young country, a country not at ease with her role.

    I pray for peace everywhere, an armed populace with millions of recent combat veterans is a volatile mix. Remembering Germany in the twenties is a good and sobering exercise.

    • I subscribe to the same belief. America is a young country.I see it as a stroppy teenager that wants everything but is willing to give nothing, what we see at the moment are the hard growing pains.
      Let us hope that she matures gracefully and does not throw a temper tantrum.

      • I agree, I have made many fine friends there over the years. One of the striking facts about sections of the US is a naivety. I do not mean that in a disrespectful way, merely as an observation.
        How certain religious groups have infiltrated key sections of their political establishment, dictate policy and generally influence US policy in the middle east is the most worrying trend.

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