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  1. Thank you Cheese. Yes tis true. “They” are so paranoid they make the rest of us seem very, very normal. I frankly laugh at their definition of terrorism. If any of them had seen the affect of a 1000 lb car bomb on human flesh, well they would know what it means. More importantly they would, I hope, recognise the effect on ordinary folk like me of being compared to a terrorist.

    I had a long argument awhile back. An American “demotard” tried to tell me that Irish “freedom fighters” had fought a “just” war. He had proudly placed his money in the Noraid collection box to fund the semtex that tears limbs and blinds the innocent.

    History has taught me a lot. One thing sticks out. Push a people too far and they will fight back. The present regime are banking on this happening.
    I now look to Ghandis ways. Very effective and it frightens the pants off neo cons.

    Yes, they can try and demonise, criminalise,whatever. They cannot stop the end of empire. That is inevitable. They can terrorise themselves of course, that is “just”. They can militarise their police, use their armies at home, but they do not win. They simply create more resistance. Now even ordinary folk question the smallest things. They have radicalised millions of Muslims via their foreign adventures, this of course to create an enemy within.

    No, they are sad, sad creations these people. Greed drives them of course. Monetary mostly, and the power lust of the psycho / sociopath.
    Frankly, the sooner this ends the better for most. We have more important things to occupy our lives. You know the sort of thing. Living in peace and harmony within secure borders, only dusting our muskets off to fight an invader.
    Oh well, allow an old fellow a dream.

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