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  1. I have always thought of Agenda 21 and its authors as pure evil. After all, what right do they have to dictate to sovereign and free peoples? None that is what.

    Events will overtake their plans, for their arrogance and that of the despicable UN bring out one of the best qualities in mankind.


      • I know. People are inherently lazy, swallow the lies too readily and look upon short term materialistic goals. Limited ambition, outlook, junk diet and reality TV. Then there is “sport”, oh I can rant about human beings!

        They frankly do not care. Millions do and spread the truth to those who will listen. It is in their hands how this will eventually pan out.

      • In the span of about two years Agenda 21 has gone from a fringe conspiracy theory to being accepted by a growing number. Campaign for Liberty sponsors meetups around the country with speaker who address the U.N. collectivist agenda and is attended by a wide spectrum of political folks.

        It’s becoming easier to see through the fraud of the control freaks as their foundation of lies crumble. Thanks for the article.

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