Unleash the dogs of war!

This week has seen France call for U.N troops to enter Syria has had Chinese and Russian forces running joint military exercises. U.S. lawmakers added 1.1 billion to new air force programs and the continual building of army bases with japan the latest country agreeing to a new base of over 9000 troops.

Tensions and the threat of total war throughout the Middle East loom greatly.

We increasingly see that these conflicts are now becoming more and more about religion or so the press and those pushing the conflicts would have us believe. The war on a terror is the result of extremist actions and we should not judge a whole group by the acts of a few.

Religion has no place in politics, politics should be the act of administration and business for a country and its people, faith and religion should be governed by the church, synagogue or mosque or any other religious group a person wishes to be member of, it should stand separate from political goals and ideals.

This sadly is not what we are seeing or have ever seen. The press would have you believe that anyone out there who has different views from those of the Christian faith is a “wanna be suicide bomber” and that they wish to attack you in your own home, we know this not to be true but most get swept along with the propaganda.This propaganda resulting in conflicts that see the deaths of brothers, sisters ,mothers and fathers.

History shows us that we have been down this path before. Groups of Christian knights rampaged through the holy lands capturing land and gold all in the name of God and the church. Today the same is occurring this time under the banner of democracy, land is being grabbed and the gold is black. These wars are not religious they are about greed, grabbing the oil and other resources while we can, gaining control of regions before anyone else can beat us to it. These conflicts are purely political but those in power and politics would have you support them under the guise of religion.

The more we travel down the road of religious suppression and separation of the faiths the bigger the problem we create and store for ourselves. We see a rise in nationalism throughout many countries, Europe and the U.S becoming more and more state controlled, Religions are becoming polarized and the idea that one faith has more worth more than another becoming main stream. All sides need to take responsibility, all sides need to see the problems with in.

There are always two sides in a conflict if only each could make more of an effort to understand the other maybe we would not being seeing scenes of violence and hate on our streets.

People Protest against Muslim Extremism

Muslims Protest against war.

In turn these problems can force the people of minority groups to feel threatened; this fear can push them to the more extreme sects and groups of their religions. These groups radicalize these people then openly protest or attack the people they perceive as a threat.

This self-perpetuating circle needs to be broken or we face the threat of hurtling head first into a conflict that could easily become the end of us all. All sides all faiths need to take a step back look at the situation we all find ourselves in, look for solutions and find peace.

We see a world with serious problems a global plan to have us all living under a single government all of us serving the same masters, we should not be fighting each other we should be resisting the trend of globalization, we should protect, share and teach others of our beliefs and customs.

We are all human we are one species our race and diversity is our strength not our weakness don’t let those greedy for wealth and power take this from us, unite.


this is propaganda !

Rumors of War III

New US Stealth Fighters Now at Iran’s Back Door

U.S. completes encirclement of Iran- military officials say they can break Iranian forces in less than a month

18 thoughts on “Unleash the dogs of war!

  1. Throughout my life and travels one thing has struck me. People, that is the shopkeeper, farmer, engineer, nurse or anyone “normal” require one thing to flourish. Peace.

    The other type of person, the minority. The myopic and corporate thruster, well, they love war. The soldiers love them for creating new shiny toys of death. The banksters love them for they finance, via interest, the shiny toys and the politicians ( or rabble rousers ) openly declare threats.

    One sees this of course throughout history. We frankly brainwash our children to see other “foreign” folk as different, at the same time penalising any comment or action that points this out. That of course is the lie of socialism and every other invented “ism”.

    No, folk want to live in peace and go to war only if Joe next door tries to steal whats yours and rape your daughter. When Joe gets the message he goes home minus a leg or arm. Seems I read that somewhere, about defence against enemies whilst keeping your nose out of other folks faces. Oh, whatever. Still, peace is what the majority want.

    Time the majority got off their collective backsides and made sure that message gets through once and for all.

    • Fine words from an old soldier, Cromwellsheart..

      And a fine post, daily cheese. The global Jihad is not only morally wrong, it is simply unsustainable for any economy or volunteer army to sustain. Military suicides and violent crimes are sky-rocketing as unending warfare takes a heavy toll on individuals and families. Time to give the ‘novel’ process of Peace a chance..

  2. It would seem the zionist rulers of a wonderful land and people, yet again wish to reap havoc for an unseen, undeclared agenda. As always I await the UN’s response. Part of a wider agenda I fear.

    • Thank you for the link Cheese. It does not go unnoticed by many that maybe this is what certain elements want. What a greenies paradise if toxic no go areas existed. A further instrument to control populations. As countless films have portrayed a post nuclear world would be easy to control.

      Funny but this, in my eyes at least, is a way of achieving Agenda 21, that along with mutated viruses that can be released, GM crops controlled by corporate entities to feed and control survivor drones.

      I did not arrive at these conclusions via the internet, that has just shown me that millions feel and see as I do. Evil exists and flourishes. Mankind is its own worst enemy, constantly seeding destruction, the victims being “ordinary” folk.

      I ramble, as said elsewhere, there is hope and always has been. From Spartacus and his actions to many others, particularly Ghandi, I see it written in history. My own faith ensures my sanity, maybe we need to concentrate more on our daily struggles, take joy from what we have now, for truly some of the visions are worthy of Dante.

      • Agenda 21 will be achieved through many different means.We have been shown our future, movies, TV, books and other forms of media are used to disseminate the plan.
        Some how the human psyche finds it easier to except what it has been shown in advance.
        There are some that refuse this programming and these are the people who are seen as dangerous by those striving to complete this diabolical scheme.
        They try to silence these people by any means necessary but they will not succeed, just as the mind excepts a situation it has been shown could happen, it is also ready to break the chains of control and join movements towards liberty and freedom.
        Information and knowledge are the keys with these two things we can stop the new world order eugenesist dead in their tracks.

      • That is an excellent summary. Yes I agree wholeheartedly, it is edifying to see resistance to evil growing at every level.

  3. Thank you. Well of course he will say what he said. After all, Nato, Israel and Arabs want a friendly puppet like the Shah.
    It is of course a complete myth that western neo cons, zionists and central bankers want rid of Iran. Also a myth that Israeli nuclear weapons sit under water off Irans coast. Mossad has committed murder, sabotage within Irans borders, US drones have overflown Iranian airspace. The CIA arm “dissidents” in Northern Iran. Amongst this MI6 also plays post imperial silly games.

    What do these people expect?

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