Edu cage tion, creating knowledge in the 21st century.

Technocracy and Education

It’s the age old debate and discussion of education, each generation tends to believe that the education system was better when they attended school and that there has been a dumbing down of content and testing.

We would like to look at this; there could actually be something to it.

Education in the West has changed greatly with standardization and all that it brings .The old ideal of a Greek style of learning encouraging free thought and creativity has been pushed out in favor of a more rigid and route style of study.

We like to create people that fit into boxes and follow a path that is set for them; school, college, university, job, retirement and death. All the time paying for the privilege of being on this path that has been set for you, if you wish to succeed pull the line pay your education and taxes and you will be rewarded with shiny trinkets.

The subject of education is so huge and we could easily veer off in to so many different topics teachers, funding, methodology but for this blog we would like to look at the system as a whole and ask the question, is it there to educate and create free thinking people or train mindless drone workers for the factories and the fields?

Let us start with the ideas of Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt she has spoken out many times and has a huge wealth of experience. She served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan.

Her belief is that there is a purposeful program that has the agenda of keeping people uneducated for the purpose of producing human drones with no critical thinking whose only skills are to be subservient, trust authority and follow orders.

This idea may sound far out but before you dismiss it think about the basic economics.

As developed nations compete with underdeveloped countries it becomes a war of resources. What resource do the majority of poorer countries have plenty of?    People!

The population of a country and their willingness to work in dull dirty and dangerous conditions all for a lower salary than anyone else is a huge motivator for companies and in turn governments.

China is great example of this, the massive population and their willingness to work harder for less has propelled the country to  super power status.

 If you compare them to the Western nations post industrial revolution there was more wealth and this was used to educate. This system that was not yet truly globalized used education to its advantage and thus produced smarter people who went on building and improving the industrial complex that was in place.

This all changed when production moved to the global model, labor became a commodity and therefore it was in a countries best interest to keep certain sectors of the populace undereducated.

This provided them with a constant and renewable resource.

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The one major problem with this idea is the fact that people learn and want to learn, so the question then becomes how do we make them think they have a chance to become educated but yet still keep producing good workers?

This is where the current system comes in to play. A system that is set up poorly it is stacked against those who do not have wealth and can not buy their way into the best schools and colleges. It is there to give the illusion of education and provides a mechanism of control, it installs people with a sense of guilt, if they don’t succeed if they don’t attend university or achieve that high paying job it is their fault for not studying hard enough.

All the parameters are set by the state testing, funding and content. It is a rigged system that is highly controlled by those at the top whose main interest is to keep GDP up.


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