Dutch Government Falls, What is Next?

Europe on the rocks.

Across the Pond

The Dutch government has collapsed this morning, the latest in a series of governments (Spain, Italy, Greece) fallen victim to the Euro Crisis. Prime Minister turned in his resignation today in his weekly with the queen, who must approve each cabinet composition. The Dutch government has been under criticism from the EU for not following the new, more accountable, system of EU budgetary restraints. The Netherlands has been considered part of the Eurozone’s core: The Netherlands, with Germany, Finland and Luxembourg, was one of just four euro zone countries to keep a Triple-A credit rating when France and Austria were stripped of theirs earlier this year. Their standing among the Eurozone, makes today’s all the more astounding and worrisome to investors.

While the EU has not been issuing sanctions, except for Hungary, it has warned Belgium and other countries not abiding by rules established in December’s economic…

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2 thoughts on “Dutch Government Falls, What is Next?

  1. What next? Just what central banking has planned thats what. War, chaos and more misery in that order.

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