China, Russia what a team!!!!

120420-varyag-file-9p_380;380;7;70BEIJING – The Russian guided-missile cruiser Varyag arrived at an east Chinese naval base Saturday ahead of a planned joint exercise with the Chinese navy, news agency Xinhua reported. The large-scale war game, the navies’ first bilateral drill, is scheduled Sunday through Friday off the resort city of Qingdao in the Yellow Sea, Xinhua said. Russia also sent from Vladivostok three Udaloy class destroyers and three support ships, said Russian news agency Ria Novosti. China will use 16 ships, including destroyers, frigates and two submarines, in the drill called Maritime Cooperation-2012, Ria Novosti said. A Chinese aircraft carrier may also participate, the International Business Times said. “The exercises will involve several simulated missions, including the rescue of a hijacked ship, the escort of a commercial vessel, and the defense a convoy from air and sea attacks,” a Russian military spokesman told the news agency. The exercise will promote strategic coordination…

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  1. Well Uncle Sam, looks like you will get your war with those nasty and evil commies eh? Can’t beat a distraction from all of the feds shenanigans so lets go and blow up some other folks.

    Trouble is Uncle Sam, these buggers will fight back. They are not a bunch of peasants with AK’s.

    • A quick study of conflict since 1991 shows that Nato, with the exception of Serbia, has not faced a real threat. Now even though little Serbia lost, but not after downing a shiny stealth fighter with outdated Russian Sams.

      Will western populations fall for a MAJOR war? I do not think so. Europe will stay out of this. Uncle Sam will try and drag Japan, India and Australia into it. The Pacrim is going to be a graveyard for thousands if the lunatics are allowed to have their way.

      • I wish i had your faith in the UN staying out of it, think the opposite. when push comes to shove and sides are taken it will be the usual U.S U.N coalition.

      • Maybe but Europe is disarming at a rate of knots unseen since The Wall collapsed. China and Russia can pull many strings with India and Pakistan. The Indian Ocean could be a no go area for western navies very quickly.

        The flashpoint will be The Spratlies. As for The UN, frankly when it gets to that level of conflict it is a useless organ akin to the old League of Nations. After all what is the UN? Just a fledgling world government dependant on The US military. Then theirs the question of how will they react, a real can of worms this.

    • Talking about WW III and you are concerned about minor spelling??
      Sorry. I rarely involve in nit-picking but I’m in a bad mood today, had to mow the lawns on a Sunday. 🙂

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