Europe is beginning to change as the people wake up.

eats shoots 'n leaves

The headline news so far today is yesteday’s election in France, where far right candidate Marine Le Pen scooped up 18 percent of the vote, while beleaguered President Nicolas Sarkozy only managed 27 percent.

“Socialist” François Hollande, as expected, was the top vote-getter, with 29 percent, but the one real leftist in the race, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, won 10 percent. Conservative François Bayrou racked up 9 percent, with the remainder split among four other candidates.

What was particularly interesting were pre-election polls indicating that Le Pen, whose family referred to Adolph Hitler as “Uncle Dolphie,” would dominate the vote among French youth.

While Mélenchon has already called on supporters to back the Socialists in the 6 May runoff election, there’s been no such endorsement of Sarkozy by Le Pen and her National Front party.

From EurActiv:

Two opinion polls taken during Sunday’s voting by the IPSOS and Ifop institutes suggested the…

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