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Why is it every time a cartoon depicting Barack and/or Michelle Obama, or any black liberal politician, must automatically be classified as racist?  Liberals degrade and dehumanize black conservatives every chance they get, routinely satirizing, and ridiculing, and mocking blacks for being conservative “sell-outs” and “traitors“.  Liberals also completely ignore it when black conservatives, like Mia Love, wins her party’s nomination, and has a hell of a good chance to win her congressional seat this November and become the only black conservative woman in congress.  Now – imagine Mia winning, and becoming that “only black female conservative in congress” for a moment.  How much attention is the MSM going to give to Mia and her accomplishment?  How much attention would the MSM give to Mia if she were a black liberal?  (And keep in mind she is running her campaign from conservative, and Mormon, stronghold, Utah.) …

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