Syria’ous’ situation

So the coven has convened and THEY are deciding on the final steps and sending monitors into Syria. The probability of seeing troops in the country is almost a dead cert now.

Will this be yet another country swallowed by the continuing colonization by the west?

Wesley Clark a U.S. four star general told us back in 2004 that this was coming, people sat back and giggled and thought it was ridiculous, not so many thinking that today.

The countries he listed were Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Let us just take a minute to look at each of these countries. Iraq, the best known of all the U.S. unprovoked, unjustified invasions. They decided to attack off the back of the tragedy of 911 to which there was no evidence linking Iraq, this was  followed with WMD’S and we all know how that went.

Libya, Gadhafi’s days were numbered the day he decided to develop his country, rather than depend on U.S. and the west’s oil money. He had embarked on several projects viewed as unfavorable by the west. The talk still persists that the uprising that took place in the country was seeded by the likes of C.I.A and other nefarious Government agencies. The same is being said of the “Arab spring “a plan to destabilize and then move in and control the region by western powers.

Somalia and Sudan, we have all seen the famous images and maybe the movie “Black Hawk Down”. The back of these countries and the region as a whole has been broken. The occasional piece of propaganda (Kony 2012) just to give reason for keeping troops deployed in the region and it is another part of the world under control by the west. The failed states are plundered of their rich resources meanwhile people starve and with a perpetual stream of warlords keep a climate fear and thus control in the region, things will not be changing any time soon.

Lebanon, there is not a day that goes by when there is not a story in the news about this country and the constant conflict and poor relations to Israel. The pro-Israel nations continue to demonize the country and lend support for Israel. The anti-Israel supporting countries claim these nation states are part of a Zionist regime. This leads into the most controversial country of them all Iran.

Iran, with its staunch Islamic believes and anti-western sentiment has become the crown jewel in the plan. The country has been subjected to many operations by the west, the most well-known being operation AJAX. The country is constantly harassed over its nuclear ambition and its support for those countries that are not pro-Israel, the fact that they say nuclear research is for non-military development and their neighbors are the only nuclear power in the region (cough, cough Israel) they are given no lenience. The close relationship the country shares with China and Russia has kept it safe thus far.

When you look at this plan and the continuing geo political shifts in the world today it does very much look like we are heading towards a global conflict, if in fact it is not already taking place. The military industrial complex needs to keep moving, keep consuming, and keep fighting. The countries that have been entered “under any excuse the politicians can dream up” have posed no significant military threat. The west is very much the biggest kid in the playground and its pockets are full with the lunch money of others. but we all know what happens to bullies in the end.

The fear of “terror” is given the majority of  times the military are sent into a region. A war on a tactic! It is this move of war on a tactic that has laid the path for state control in the west.The continual erosion of freedoms and infringements on civil liberty can all be traced to “The War on Terror“. If indeed the game plan of terrorist was to assault freedoms of the west they have succeeded.

 History will judge the actions of these coalitions of anti-terror. Maybe in the schools of the future the Second World War and the Nazi regime will be followed by “The War On Terror”.

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